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Arlo Thornton

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Shortly after reporting for duty she was involved in an "experiment" involving a member of the Q Continuum and found herself in an alternate reality where she was an Maquis insurgent aboard the [[Skarbek]]. After being returned to the proper time and place, Q offered no explanation as to the nature of the "experiment". ([[Together in Electric Dreams (Gorkon)|GORKON: Together In Electric Dreams]]).
Arlo's first assignment as a member of the Gorkon's crew was to assist in aiding a team of terraforming scientists at the Giáng Sinh colony deal with an unexpected winter, the after effects of an unexplained solar flare. Having grown up in a sub-tropical climate, she was initially unenthused by the the arctic conditions but grew to appreciate the beauty of the planet to the point where she remarked she would miss the planet when Gorkon was reassigned elsewhere.

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