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The most distinctive trait of the Aenar, however, is their highly evolved telepathic abilities. An Aenar is capable of reading minds and of telepathically projecting itself to other humanoids. They use telepathy to communicate among themselves. Being that they are a subspecies of Andorians, therefore actually a member of the same species, they are completely genetically compatible with Andorians, allowing for the birth of hybrid offspring. Such hybrids often retain the strongest abilities of their genetic donors (for example, the offspring of the breeding group that contained [[MA:Jhamel|Jhamel]], [[MA:Shran|Shran]], Shenar, and Vishri produced [[MA:Talla|Talla]], who retained both telepathy and the ability to see).
There are three levels to Eanar Aenar telepathy. One is the collective mind that is produced to reach a decision among the Aenar. It does not have a spoken name, there isn’t really need for one. It is a very impersonal type of telepathy. When you remove yourself from it you get the feeling of the people as a whole, not individuals. Its rather like a giant pot of stew, everyone and everyone throws their ingredients in. When you have your bowl, everything that was contributed has an impact on the flavor, but you can’t tell by tasting it who put what in.
The conversational telepathy that most Aenar use in place of speaking is known as Shehan by the Andorians. It is a limited connection where only surface thoughts are read.

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