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2004 Address

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{{WikifyMember Resources}}{{Start-85%}}{{State of the Federation Address}}{{LCARS Page Title|2004 State of the Federation Address|tan}}'''Stardate: 238103.05 (5 March 2004)''' <font size=5>'''G'''</font>reetings, fellow Trekkers!
<code> <p><em>Stardate: 238103.05 (5th March 2004)</em></p>
<p>Greetings, fellow Trekkers!</p>
<p>2380 was a bitter-sweet year in many ways. Many of our command staff and members saw the additions to their real life families. Both RAdml. Kelly and Cpt. James fall into this category, and to them we send fond congratulations.</p>
<p>Many families also felt the pain of illness and the loss of loved ones. Most recently, Ed Fisk (LtCmdr. Moghan of the USS Nemesis-B) passed away. A tribute to this fine member can be found on the Nemesis website.</p>
<li>LtCmdr. Varaan</li>
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