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Quentin Collins

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-It was theorized that due to the overproduction, Quentin Collins was now more susceptible to extra-sensory input, psychic transmissions, and "remote viewing", being the act of mentally focusing on an object or person in order to attune oneself to the aura and vibrations of the object/person's self. This theory has yet to be fully tested, but it does speak to the officer's claims of recently "hearing voices" and "seeing The Dude" again.
-On Kerak Tor, LT. Collins says he experienced a sort of "vision", conjuring images of his home in flames and the possible results of failure to stop the cult. He then speaks of a sort of "pulse" which allowed him to cast off his bonds and served as semi-inoculation from the Orb's effects for a limited time. Further experimentation is required to suss out the veracity of these claims. -Prior to the "Brain Event", LT. Collins was examined by multiple Starfleet physicians, as well as the Academy's Chief Medical Officer and given clean bills of health by all. He also carries little to no genetic pre-existing conditions from his family, leading to the prognosis to stand out among his relatively benign medical history.*
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