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SIM:Ayiana Sevo: The Big Picture

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<h4>'''Sevo's Messenger Service. How May I Help You?'''</h4>
SKYFIRE: =/\= Response =/\=
''(( End Flashback ))''
<nowiki>::</nowiki> As Ayiana was observing the bridge crew, a middle-aged, red-collared Human spoke behind her. Ayiana was startled at his deep, gravelly voice. Coupled with the lines on his face, the man looked like he was a very seasoned officer. No, not officer, by the look of the pips. He was some sort of Enlisted, but Ayiana wasn’t too sure of the rank. Master Chief? She hadn’t seen one of them before! <nowiki>::</nowiki>
ISIDORUS: <nowiki>::</nowiki> raising his voice. <nowiki>::</nowiki> Excuse me, Miss. Where is the Captain?
SEVO: oO Geez. Thanks for all the support, guys! Oo <nowiki>::</nowiki> She sighed. <nowiki>::</nowiki> Captain Reynolds left a while ago with Commanders Skyfire and Eerie.
ISIDORUS: <nowiki>::</nowiki> raising his eyebrows. <nowiki>::</nowiki> Where did they go?
SEVO: They beamed over to the ''Triumphant--'' <nowiki>::</nowiki> Ayiana pointed to the viewscreen with the ship on display. <nowiki>::</nowiki> -- a little while ago. <nowiki>::</nowiki> Pause. <nowiki>::</nowiki> Um...can I help you?
ISIDORUS: I came to report to the Captain about the injured in sickbay. I apologize, I never introduced myself I am Command Master Chief Isidorus.
SEVO: I see. I’m sorry. I know ''of'' Command Master Chiefs, but I’ve never met one before. You- you guys aren’t all that common.
ISIDORUS: No Lieutenant, the Command Master Chief program has recently been reactivated to give the Captain another source of experienced help.
<h4>'''The Big Picture'''</h4>

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