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Noa T'Nessa Levinson

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* '''Height''': 1.62m / 5'4"
* '''Weight''': 54kg / 119 lb
* '''Haircolor''': Dark Brown, almost black* '''Hair length''': Mid-back, straight* '''Hair style''': On-duty, usually tied back to a ponytail. Off-duty, alternating between loose (more common) and ponytail.
* '''Eyes''': Brown
* '''Build''': Slim
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|Melody Delri'ise
|RELATIONSHIP=A tactician with hidden depths
|BLURB=Noa and Melody met during their first shore leave aboard the {{USS|Eagle}}. Noa caught Melody in the Eagle's Astrometrics lab, conducting unauthorized scans. Instead of turning Melody in, Noa joined her and helped with the scans. During that time, she also learned of Melody's history as a science officer.
|Quentin Collins
|RELATIONSHIP=Direct superior and scientific colleague
|BLURB=Being Noa's direct superior onboard the {{USS|Eagle}}, Quentin and Noa were bound to meet at some point since her arrival. They indeed met on the bridge during the Eagle's capture of Admiral Valcose and Sikes. They met on a more official capacity during shore leave, and after [[If This Goes On... (USS_Eagle)|the briefing on the Ringworld]], Quentin had a breakdown - one which Noa managed to handle fairly well, considering it happened so quickly.
* Sibling:
** Aviv Turik Levinson (Younger brother)
** Paternal grandmother: Lodzhal of Vulcan (Vulcan)
At the Academy, Noa focused on the Sciences, primarily Astronomy and Physics. She also focused on programming, especially holo-programming, a subject she greatly enjoyed.
===General behavior, dressing style and personality===
*'''General demeanor while <u>on-duty</u> and during <u>official events</u>:''' Noa tends to keep a stoic, Vulcan-like demeanor, tinted with the slightest amount of emotion. She does let it drop a bit when regulations tend to be less strict, however. She tries her best to hold it, although stress causes her to drop it in varying levels.
*'''General demeanor while <u>off-duty</u>:''' Noa acts much less stoically than the average Vulcan. While she does show a certain level of composure, she allows herself to show her emotions to much more of an extent.
*'''Taste in clothing (on-duty):''' Noa keeps her uniform perfectly by-the book at all times - the Combadge is placed perfectly, the jacket is closed exactly to the border between the grey upper part and black bottom, pips (when there's more than one) are perfectly aligned with each other and placed just in the right position - everything's perfect, much more than what even the strictest officer would require.
*'''Taste in clothing (off-duty):''' Noa's attire is simple, yet somehow fits together at the same time, all while looking good. Her clothing is plain and simple - mostly just plain shirts, pants and skirts. For occasions that require more official attire, she does have more presentable clothes, which she doesn't really wear unless she has to.
*'''Diet:''' Noa is an omnivore, which differs from the usual Vulcan vegetarian lifestyle. Her reason for that is simply because she finds the vegetarian lifestyle restrictive.
Noa generally appears competent when it comes to her fields of study, but is shy to an extent - while it's easy for her to talk about work to people, she finds it hard to engage in small talk with others.
She has a deep appreciation to Vulcan culture, values and philosophy. However, almost every full-blooded Vulcan, with the exception of her paternal grandmother, treated her rather condescendingly, as if they're questioning her life choices that steered her away from being a model Vulcan - including her omnivore lifestyle, hair length, and use of emotions. This resulted in her aiming to evade any contact with anyone who looks Vulcan, when the option exists. When there's no choice, her stoic demeanor kicks in instinctively, regardless of the situation, although some emotions may escape her attention.
Due to her experience with Vulcans, she also has similar issues with counselors - her counselor at the Academy was a Vulcan, and was no different than any Vulcan she met before. This experience led her to thinking any counselor would criticize her like Vulcans criticized her, although she tends to be much more offensive during sessions.
*'''Reading''' - Noa usually tends to read when off-duty:
**Noa always stays updated on the latest scientific articles - especially in the fields of astronomy and physics, but she reads any kind of scientific fact that catches her eye.
**Noa enjoys reading 20th century Earth science fiction - from Niven's Ringworld to Asimov's Foundation.
*'''Programming''' - Noa minored in programming at the Academy, and enjoyed studying it greatly. She enjoys two subjects in particular:
**Noa enjoys creating LCARS interfaces of various complexity, and sometimes tends to break PADDs - evident by at least four PADDs from her Academy time, whose LCARS systems were either completely corrupted or a sufficiently buggy program was running on, causing them to be unusable.
**Noa studied holoprogramming, and tends to create programs that vary from various recreations to programs featuring various randomized elements.
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{{Citation|Joint Meritorious Unit Award|239702.07|USS Eagle|Awarded to the entire Eagle crew for the cooperation with the Marine unit aboard Starabase 821 in order to arrest Admiral Valcose.}}
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