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Sky Blake

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'''Blake[[Zhou Tai-Sheng|Zhou]]:''' My son's birth marked the end of my other lifeYou’ve always been uncomfortable when you’ve met people from that “other” Sky’s past. As did a number of other events. But things got fixed, and the manner they were fixed meant that I lost most of what happened during that lifeThe familiarity foreign to you.
'''[[Tristam Core|Core]]:''' You'll have In this regard, Zhou had been lucky. He’d never heard of or met Sky Blake before his mission to excuse my curiositygo find her on Ornara and recruit her help when Veritas had been tasked with dealing with Brekkian drug smuggler pushing felicium into the Shoals. But Perhaps that was why *are* you back? If you hated your life she’d been willing to let him get so much, why not just disappear?close.
'''BlakeZhou:''' I tried, at firstdon’t think this is as much about being offended as it is you worried you’re going to find out more about who you really were once… and maybe not living up to that. ::He shrugged. But I got a chance to be a new person:: Or maybe just finding out how much you’ve changed. No mention of my prior record other than what '''Blake:''s required, very few strings attached. Veritas doesn't care who I’ve heard about the woman I was before, just that what . ::She shook her head.:: I do now is effective in the job we're doingdidn’t like her very much. |source = [ LtCmdrs Tristam Core & pdLEknZDBwAJ LtCmdr Sky Blake& Cmdr Zhou Tai-Sheng, "Don't look at yourself through a tainted mirrorDark Clouds."]
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