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Sky Blake

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She joins [[Roshanara Rahman]] and [[Lael Rosek]] aboard the {{USS|Atlantis}}, reuniting with Parker, and meets [[Kamela Allison]] and [[Boris Hendon]] of the [[Duronis II Embassy]]. When Blake returns, she suffers a minor seizure, resulting in the loss of memory (including most of the events aboard the Atlantis), and is placed on a week's medical leave and light duties for a following fortnight.
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'''[[Kallo Ver|Kallo]]:''' I took what evidence I needed to prove my theory, and booked it out of there.
'''Blake:''' That's surprisingly uncharacteristic of you, given that you generally over-stay your welcome anywhere you go.
'''Kallo:''' You're a widow, Commander. Born out of ash and fire with just five years of life under your belt. The things that scare you are complex - they are very real problems. But some of us are simply spooked by a darkened corridor.
|source = [ LtCmdr Sky Blake, "The unordinary man of the Shoals."]
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[[Kallo Ver]] is arrested and held in the ''Veritas'' brig after destroying his civilian vessel mere kilometres away from the ''Veritas'' and [[Star Station Esperance]]. She's asked by Rahman to join them as they interrogate Kallo, and he reveals that [[Kallo Ver & The Hunt for the Lost Romulan Treasure Fleet (Veritas)|he had located a lost Romulan treasure fleet]].

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