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Sky Blake

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After the crew of the ''Veritas'' rescue the {{USS|Astraeus}}, a [[Galaxy class]] vessel that banked in the Shoals, Blake arrests it's captain, Victor Yeager, for violating general order three and the travel legislation of the Bajak Laut sector, having been forbidden to to so earlier by [[Kelrod]].
She joins [[Roshanara Rahman]] and [[Lael Rosek]] aboard the {{USS|Atlantis}}, reuniting with Parker, and meets [[Kamela Allison]] and [[Boris Hendon]] of the [[Duronis II Embassy]]. When Blake returns, she suffers a minor seizure, resulting in the loss of memory (including most of the events aboard the Atlantis), and is placed on a week's medical leave and light duties for a following fortnight.
When {{Quote box |border = none |quote = '''[[Kallo Ver|Kallo]]:''' I took what evidence I needed to prove my theory, and booked it out of there.  '''Blake returns:''' That's surprisingly uncharacteristic of you, she suffers given that you generally over-stay your welcome anywhere you go. '''Kallo:''' You're a minor seizurewidow, resulting in the loss Commander. Born out of ash and fire with just five years of memory (including most life under your belt. The things that scare you are complex - they are very real problems. But some of the events aboard the Atlantis), and is placed on us are simply spooked by a week's medical leave and light duties for a following fortnightdarkened corridor. |source = [ During this timecom/d/msg/sb118-veritas/ez00yltV8fM/Sb0oCjlkCgAJ LtCmdr Sky Blake, "The unordinary man of the Shoals."] |quoted = 1 |width = 50%}} [[Kallo Ver]] is arrested and held in the ''Veritas'' brig, having destroyed after destroying his civilian vessel mere kilometres away from the ''Veritas'' and [[Star Station Esperance]]. She's asked by Rahman to join them as they interrogate Kallo, and he reveals that [[Kallo Ver & The Hunt for the Lost Romulan Treasure Fleet (Veritas)|he had located a lost Romulan treasure fleet]].
On stardate 239506.01, Rahman reassigns Blake to be the Chief of Security for the Veritas, the first time Blake had ever held a department head position (not including her brief period as her First Officer). However, when the ship encounters the [[Borg]], she fails to properly lead her department, resulting in multiple Borg drones managing to infiltrate the Veritas and assimilate certain parts of the ship. When giving her report to [[Evan Delano]], she expresses feeling inadequate for the position - to which the man responds with his first mission as Chief of Security aboard the {{USS|Garuda}}, leaving her feeling a little better.
At 85 days past since landing on the moon now dubbed "[[Limbo]]", Tristam asks Blake to scout a small clearing and ensure there aren't any 'deadly animals'. It's noted that she's actually enjoying herself significantly more than the rest of the crew, possibly attributed to her love of the outdoors and the fortunate temperature (which suits the Brekkian Betazoid). During day 100, she is present during crew promotions.
Stranded for 101 days, Blake is bitten by a snake whilst out scouting. Affected by venom and with no means of communication with the crew, she starts hallucinating, seeing and talking to Sabor. She admits to him that she is still affected by his choice that led to his death - to save others from danger, which cost him his own life. Alone and with no crew nearby to simple stumble upon her should she fall unconscious, "Sabor" suggests using her stun weapon with her flashlight, which will hopefully make enough noise or cause a fire to attract attention. Though she initially rebuts this suggestion, she realizes she has very few other useful ideas. With his encouragement, she successfully sets a fire, though passes out before anyone locates her. She is eventually found and rescued by [[Geoffrey Teller]], and treated successfully by [[Cole Maxwell]].[[Image:BlakeandEislas.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Blake with [[Aagan Eislas]].]]

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