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Sky Blake

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Blake, along with crew members from both the ''Veritas'' and [[Star Station Esperance]], crewed the shuttle that transferred Rosa Carrero's to her transport home.
In mid-2394, Blake steps down from her position as First Officer, instead recommending [[Mei'konda]] as her replacement, and takes a position with the [[Starfleet Ranger]]s. Required to complete what is essentially a 'crash course', she is sent to the [[Embassy of Duronis II]], where she undergoes weapons checks and hand-to-hand combat assessments by the Embassy's marines (namely [[Hannah Martinez]]). She is confronted by [[Hannibal Parker]], whom served with her prior to her amnesia, and though she remembers next to nothing about him, she re-establishes a friendship with him. After three days and a successful training course, she sets off back to toward the Shoals as a regional support officer, and completes additional training with [[Orson Marshall]].
[[Image:BlakeOutpost3.jpg|200px|left|thumb|On [[Outpost 3]].]]
Upon arrival at [[Star Station Esperance]] and awaiting a connecting transport ship to take her back to Shadow’s Edge, Blake is asked by [[Elis Nacubaq]] to check on [[Brandon Cormac]], who at the time is stationed on [[Outpost 3]] as mission security, and had missed comm check. Upon arriving, Blake finds the outpost crippled almost beyond repair, with Cormac being the only survivor after ten days alone after the attack. She takes him back to Shadow’s Edge, where he resigns from Starfleet, and Blake continues to work with him when he becomes a Coalition Marshal.
Blake is recalled back to Federation space to hunt down Marshall when he goes AWOL. Angered that her friend severely broke protocol, Blake arrests him and drops him at the nearest Starfleet Security outpost, before returning to the [[Shoals]]. By 239409, notified by a Starfleet Intelligence officer that two suspects of a murder investigation handed to her by a Marshal CCMS official, have since escaped Shadow’s Edge, Cormac urges her to return to the ''Veritas'', hoping the ship’s resources may assist her with tracking them.
The ''Veritas'' comes across [[Outpost 3]] to check on [[Tristam Core]]’s progress in repairing the outpost after the Klingon attack. Stashes of [[ma:Felicium|felicium]] are found hidden behind bulkheads, and after weeks analyzing and about to destroy it, Blake along with [[Nikki Ryan]], [[Sepek]], and a civilian engineer are arrested by the Klingon crew of the IKS ''Dennas'', and incurs “minor” injury. Captain Rahman has them released shortly after, and the crew are required to work with the Klingons for the duration of their time at the outpost.

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