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Sky Blake

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Unable to treat Caide on Kidman, the two Rangers leave the area for the nearest outpost with medical supplies. They begin a tour down the Tholian border once Caide is healed and cleared for duty, and after four months, end up in the Roxburgh sector with no lead on Kehive's location. Blake receives a request to return to the ''Veritas'' following the death of another Starfleet officer on [[Ketar V]], and she leaves Caide to continue the search in the system to re-join her crew.
She immediately joins [[Nic del Vedova]] and [[Addison MacKenzie]] as they perform an autopsy on deceased Starfleet officer Lieutenant Commander Armin Illanos, a liaison overseeing the colony's work for a contract with Starfleet. They determine Illanos was stabbed 78 times, and that he handled felicium prior to his death. With an inconsclusive psychological profile, and no real evidence to assist with identifying suspects, Blake leaves the pair of doctors and returns to the Bridge for more information. ''Veritas'' receives a call from Marshal Sun-Yo from the Ketar V CCMS office and explains [[Wil Ukinix]], [[Kelrod]], and Captain [[Roshanara Rahman]] have been arrested following an "incident" at a public restaurant. Blake heads to the surface in hopes of alleviating some of the tension forming between Starfleet and the Coalition Marshals.
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'''Blake:'''::off the top of her head:: One count threat of bodily harm. Two counts of assault. One count of possession of unregistered energy weapon, ::she glared at Kelrod:: one count of *discharging* an energy weapon. Disturbance of the peace. ::She glanced at Ukinix.:: I'm told you nearly resisted arrest, too. You're lucky they didn't have enough to add that to your ticket.
'''Ukinix:''' ::Looking down at ground:: Yeah, nah. There’s a reason they didn’t add resisting arrest as charge. ::Looking up:: Because that part is *bull$#^@*.
If Blake's eyes weren't already cold, they were frosty now.
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Blake reunites with Captain Rahman in a Marshals holding cell on Ketar V, where she debates officer ettiqute and protocol with Wil Ukinix and Kelrod. She becomes frustrated with Kelrod's insistence upon them having done nothing wrong, even mentioning that she intended leaving the group to the mercy of the Marshals, and that she intended on having a strong conversation with Kelrod regarding his methods 'later'. Rahman queries her about the ongoing investigation, and the potential meanings behind the initials "RL" left behind at Illanos' crime scene. Eventually, Rahman secures their temporary release and the group returns to the investigation.
Attending Livernois Shipyards, the crew meet Rama Suttirat. Though the man proves suspicious, he yields little helpful information and plays a long game with the Starfleet officers. He points them towards a Romulan man by the name of Lukaik, and shows them where his locker is located. Frustrated, Blake suggests the crew break open the lock of Lukaik's locker. There they find the murder weapon, and promptly arrest Lukaik.
Lukaik's potential motive behind Illanos' murder fails to match up with the other aspects of the case, but they are unable to have him released until they find more substantial evidence to pin someone else to the murder. After further investigation, the crew arrest Rama Suttirat, but the effort was too little too late: Lukaik takes his own life in Marshal custody, leaving Blake feeling responsible for the mans death. Caide finds out about the event second-hand, and berates her for her poor following of protocol.
A few days later, Blake stumbles into Sickbay and states to Doctor MacKenzie she feels as if she "is going to die", and complains of a serious migraine. MacKenzie discovers Blake's spine has begun to deteriorate due to the precense of thalaron radiation, which had been converted into metaphasic particles during an operation on her spinal cord back in 2388. MacKenzie and [[Geoffrey Teller]] place Blake in isolation, in hopes of slowing the progression of bone breakdown. Due to the nature of thalaron radiation, Captain Rahman orders the officers not to speak of the situation outside of those with rank. Removed from the rest of the crew, Blake feels confused and relays to Caide that she doesn't totally understand what is happening to her. As she breaks down behind the isolation field, Caide reassures her she will be alright. He leaves once more, and gives her reports to go over while MacKenzie and del Vedova determine how best to treat her.
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