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Arlo Thornton

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{{Heading|Statistics & Service Record|Teal}}
[[File: Arlo Profile.jpg|thumb|400px|left]]
* '''Full Name''': Arlo Adrienne Thornton
* '''Current Assignment''': Assistant Chief Science Officer, {{USS|Gorkon}}.
{{Heading|Personal Life|Teal}}
===<font color=Black>Family</font>===* '''Mother'''<gallery mode=packed heights=400px>File: Rowena Elizabeth Thornton - Café Owner.jpg|Rowena Thornton, Brisbane, Earth.Arlo's Mother* '''Father'''File: Liam Arlo Thornton - Café Owner.jpg|Liam Thornton, Brisbane, EarthArlo's Father.* '''Siblings'''File: Rebecca Jasmine Thornton (.jpg|Rebecca Thornton, Arlo's older sister) - Investigative Reporter for The Cestus III Herald.* '''Spouse''': None.* '''Significant Other''': None.* '''Children''': None.</gallery>
Arlo's parents are café owners and still reside in Brisbane while her older sister- Rebecca- is an investigative journalist for the Cestus III Herald. Additionally, Arlo is named for her paternal grandfather with whom her father the family were particularly close to before his passing when Arlo was very 3 years old. She only has hazy memories of him as a result, but cherishes them greatly. She is closewith her both of her parents as well as her sister.
===Hobbies & Interests===
[[File:Sovereign Asteroid Field.jpg|right|thumb|250px|''USS Gorkon'']]Though largely happy during her time assigned to Helaspont Station, Arlo felt herself becoming complacent with her role and therefore she chose to challenge herself. Applying for a transfer to starship duty, she was assigned to the USS Gorkon as Assistant Chief Science Officer for which she was promoted to Lieutenant before her arrival.
Shortly after reporting for duty she was involved in an "experiment" involving a member of the Q Continuum and found herself in an alternate reality where she was an Maquis insurgent aboard the [[Skarbek]]. After being returned to the proper time and place, Q offered no explanation as to the nature of the "experiment". ([[Together in Electric Dreams (Gorkon)|GORKON: Together In Electric Dreams]]). Arlo's first assignment as a member of the Gorkon's crew was to assist in aiding a team of terraforming scientists at the Giáng Sinh colony deal with an unexpected winter, the after effects of an unexplained solar flare.

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