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Sky Blake

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After both crews resolve the incident, she ignores all requests to assist a small task force formed by Starfleet Intelligence to examine all records pertaining to Vassily intending to locate and capturing him, claiming an irritation of Starfleet’s inattention to the Federation’s local problems.
{|class=infobox width=200 align=right![[File:SkyBlake.jpg|200px]]|-|'''[[SIM:Five_Long_Years#Zhou Tai-Sheng: Four|Five Long Years]]''' <small>(as guest)</small>|-|'''Crash-course''' <small>(w/ [[Hannibal Parker|H. Parker]])</small>**[[SIM:LtCmdr Sky Blake: Observer (Part 1)|Observer (Part 1)]]**[[SIM:LtCmdr Blake & Maj Hannibal Parker: Causality (Part 2)|Causality (Part 2)]]**[[SIM:LtCmdr Blake & Maj Hannibal Parker: Consequence (Part 3)|Consequence (Part 3)]]**[[SIM:LtCmdr Blake & Maj Hannibal Parker: Acceptance (Final)|Acceptance (Final)]]|-|'''[[SIM:LtCmdr Sky Blake, "Kidman I."|Kidman I]]'''|-|'''Wiki only'''**[[Sky Blake/"Now."|Now.]]**[[Sky Blake/"The mirror"|The mirror]]|-|{BlakeSIMs}
She remains on [[Astrofori One]] during the ''Syracuse'' shore leave, and along with Zhou, assists the ''Syracuse'' and ''Invicta'' crews in refurbishing the {{USS|Venture}}. On its way home from a parade, the ''Venture'' is thrown into the mid-2200s, coming up against the [[ma:Planet killer|Doomsday machine]]—during this period, Blake acts as the ''Venture'''s First Officer.

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