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Hello! My name is '''Yann''' and I mostly write for '''Lan Riel''', counselor extraordinaire (Betazoid, Betazoid), currently posted on board the '''USS-Thor''' and at the '''Embassy of Duronis_II'''.
*'''Name''': Yann (I said it just above, didn't I?)*'''Joined Starbase 118History''': I initially joined Starbase 118 in June 2014. How time flies..After a couple of years, I went dark due to personal reasons, then re-joined in October 2019.
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Other characters: [[/Reg|Reg]](on hiatus)
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[[File:Imglogo.jpg|130px|link=The (Image) Collective]](on hiatus)
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{{Ribbons Rack|Silver Palm|1|1-year Member|1|Scotty Cross|1}}Coming soon (hopefully)
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