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Monroe LOA, Delano reducing simming to one ship (Astraeus as Ning), Blake to FO, Orrey to 2O
|HISTORY PAGE = Veritas Crew History}}
|{{Tile Officer|Roshanara Rahman|Red|Commanding Ofc.}}
|{{Tile Officer|Evan DelanoSky Blake|Red|First Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Tahlin Alse|Gold|Operations Ofc.}}
|{{Tile Officer|Kelrod|Gold|Chief of Security}}
<!--|{{Tile Officer|G'var|Gold|Asst. Chief of Sec.}}-->
<!--|{{Tile Officer|Andy Monroe|Gold|Security Officer}}-->
|{{Tile Officer|Niccolò del Vedova|Teal|Chief Medical Ofc.}}
|{{Tile Officer|Addison MacKenzie|Teal|Assistant CMO}}
|{{Logotile|USS Veritas}}
|{{Tile Officer|Sky Blake|Red|Second Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Tiria Hamasaki|Red|Helm Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Geoffrey Teller|Gold|Chief Engineer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Wil Ukinix|Gold|Asst. Chief Eng.}}
|{{Tile Officer|Charlena Vanlith|Gold|Engineer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Jansen Orrey|Teal|Ship's Counselor/2nd Ofc.}}
|{{Tile Officer|Raissa Moonsong|Teal|Science Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Nabihah El Sayid|Teal|Science Officer}}

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