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Battle of Astrofori One

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{{AstroforiOneTemplate:Battle Infobox|BATTLE=Battle of Astrofori One|DATE=2395 (Stardate 239511.03)|LOCATION=Gamma Camelopardalis system|RESULT=Decisive Tholian victory|BELLIGERENT 1=[[Tholian Assembly]]|BELLIGERENT 2=[[United Federation of Planets]]|COMMANDERS 1=Admiral Gecham (KIA)|COMMANDERS 2=Captain Kaneshiro Tatsuya (KIA)*Captain Tob Ch'rhiakrar (KIA)*Fleet Captain [[Cassandra Egan Manno]]|UNITS 1=[[Tholian]] Military|UNITS 2=[[Starfleet]]**{{USS|Minerva}}**{{USS|Stalwart}}|STRENGTH 1=322 Tholian vessels|STRENGTH 2=1 medium cruiser*1 escort|LOSSES 1=1 command ship destroyed*52 other vessels destroyed or disabled|LOSSES 2=1 medium cruiser destroyed*1 escort destroyed*Astrofori One destroyed}}
The '''Battle of Astrofori One''' occurred in 2395 on stardate 239511.03 between the [[Tholian Assembly]] and the [[United Federation of Planets]]. It resulted in the destruction of [[Astrofori One]] and the loss of the Federation's main outpost in the [[Menthar Corridor]].
*322 Tholian vessels
==Prelude to the battle==
Earlier that year (2395), the [[Romulan Star Empire]] launched a full-scale invasion of [[Duronis II]]. Starfleet was able to successfully repel the invasion, and in response, the Federation Council imposed sanctions against the Romulan Star Empire for the provocation. The Romulans subsequently withdrew their support from the [[Astrofori One]] project. As one of the four major powers supporting the project, the Romulans' departure represented a major loss to the station's defensive presence. After the Romulans withdrew their support, the Breen followed suit, leaving Starfleet and the Kubarey as the station's only defense.

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