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Alastriona DeTroyes

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Alastriona is a quiet, shy person. She is reticent to be too involved in things, but usually ends up in the middle anyway. She is often moody, and mourns the death of Francois, her fiance, who worked on the USS Wildcard and the deep space research station. Alastriona '''hates klingons,''' blaming them for the death of her fiance. She '''distrusts computers and turbolifts,''' since she had a traumatic accident as a child when a turbolift failed. Alastriona suffers from '''post traumatic stress syndrome''' and sometimes has '''nightmares''' about her past.
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'''Alastriona DeTroyes – All Alone'''
* '''Archetype''': Queen/Magician/Trickster --> Great Souled Hero

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