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Alastriona DeTroyes

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* '''2256 A.D. – Epsilon Argyros / Scylanthia'''
:Three years later, her parents returned to Scylanthia after the radiation storm had abated and this is where Alastriona grew up. Scylanthia is an exotic trade world where the gravity is .7G, and this resulted in her growing into a tall, thin woman.
:'''Alastriona:''' ''I’m from the French colonial world of Scylanthia. Its about 151 light years from Sol in the Hyades Star Cluster, towards the constellation of Taurus, past Aldebaran.''
:Scylanthia is a rich trade world, covered in forests, and containing many unique elements in it's atmosphere. The indigenous inhabitants, Scylanthians, are aerial balloon like creatures with their own culture and history. The locals appear as giant multicolored balloons. They are friendly and happily give rides to the colonists and they are one of the main methods of transportation on the world.

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