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Alexander Brodie

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Whom does your character get ===Danica Catherine Brodie=== '''Daughter - (B: 237612.13) (Age: {{age|2376|12|13}})''' – Dani is Alex’s daughter and his only child. Physically Dani takes after her mother but mentally she is definitely her father’s daughter. She is currently studying on with or not get on with? For now, pick one member earth in the joint fields of your current crew environmental science and enter their name below, then describe physical geography. She is also a talented singer in the nature of your character's relationship with themmezzo-soprano range* [[(Name of character)]](Description Here) 
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'''Personality:''' Alex is typically cheerful and respectful with a large dose of cynicism and a very fine attention to detail. This has led to some individuals he has worked with thinking that he does not care. In truth, however, it is more of an in built defence defense mechanism to ensure that he retains a sense of perspective and detachment form his work. Due to the nature of his previous work he is more used to working outside of a traditional chain of command but, out of respect for the organizations he has worked for and with over the years, he tends to play along. The only two exceptions two this are where he feels the safety of his patient may be in danger or during counselling sessions.
'''Quarters:''' Brodie occupies general quarters in the embassy grounds, together with accommodation aboard the USS Thor. Generally sparse they contain the usual mundane items such as clothing and minor personal effects. Several PADDs sit on the desk typically history books from various culture as well as psychological, political and legal texts. A family picture sits on his desk, taken at Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand with his then wife and young daughter.

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