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SIM:German Galven - Surprising Vulnerabilities

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'''((Flashback))''' '''((Officer’s Lounge, USS Veritas))''' {{'''((Time Index: Stardate 239508.30}}))'''
Rosek: ::bumps his shoulder playfully with hers and grins:: If I have an eyebrow twitch, it’s your fault.
Suddenly, she picked up on whispers from the other side of the room as a couple of officers glanced in her and Galven’s direction and she blushed a brilliant shade of red. People were watching...staring. It was likely they’d be the talk of the ship. She disengaged from him and cleared her throat, smoothing her uniform jacket.
Rosek: I, um--It’s getting late. ::smiles:: It was nice having someone to talk to who wouldn’t interrogate me. ::pauses:: Thank you.
Confused, he noticed her look around and he looked behind him and saw that people were looking at them and saw their mouths moving. He didn’t want the night to end so abruptly because he had such a fun night and hadn’t had one in a long time stuck in the office.
Galven: Are you sure? We could go somewhere more private?
Rosek: ::pauses:: I--German, you’re very sweet. But I’m engaged to a Human...a rather jealous Human and I’m not the type to engage in intimacy with someone else when I’m in a committed relationship. ::blushes:: I--I suppose I got caught up in the moment.
Galven: A moment that could last a little longer? ::holds her hands::
She stared at him for a long moment, her gaze dropping to her feet, worrying her lower lip. It was a nervous habit from her early years at the Academy that she’d never quite been able to completely shake. It came out most often in situations when she didn’t quite know how to react.::
Rosek: ::breathily:: I--
German saw that she was conflicted and was only trying to reassure the Al-Leyan woman he had a crush on. It wasn’t everyday a beautiful woman was staring back at him. He took both her hands again and guided her out of the club.
Galven: ::brushes her cheek lovingly:: Lael, you’re an extremely intelligent woman. We can continue having a good time?
She sucked in a sharp breath and jerked her hands from his as though burned.
Rosek: I--I have to go.
'''((End Flashback))'''
Galven: No, I’d rather you stay here with me if that’s okay. I--::half heartedly chuckles and grimaces:: I remember when you were the one all tongue tied. ::sighs::
A bright red flush crept into her cheeks at the memory. From the moment they’d met, there had been a chemistry neither one of them had been able to deny. Despite being engaged and having very complicated feelings for Toryn and Bear both, she’d found German very charming. It had confused her to no end. Her desire for a man to be entirely devoted to her had contradicted how she was behaving and it hadn’t sat well with her.
Though she still felt guilty for hurting Jon, Toryn, and Bear, a sense of peace filled her at the thought of being German’s and German’s alone. He loved her and she loved him. There was a sense of rightness to that.
Rosek: Did you want to watch a holofilm? A new action film just came out that I’ve really wanted to see.
That was something new and different German hadn’t done in a while. There was a holodeck suite on board that did show specifically movies and on certain days, an older Terran film that German thought was interesting would be on, but he never gave himself the time to do those kinds of activities.
Galven: Sure, yeah. That sounds like a good idea. I haven’t been to the movies in a transwarp minute. ::smirks::
She rolled her eyes and bumped his shoulder with hers.
Rosek: You and your time references. What am I going to do with you?
Galven: ::shrugs:: I already know what you’d do with me and the result of that will be out in about nine months. ::chuckles and winks::
Rosek: ::huffs:: Come on, you. Before I change my mind and leave you to your own devices for the night.
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