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Samira Neathler/Liam Rivera

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* '''Current Rank''': Cadet
* '''Race''': [[Centauran]]
* '''Date of Birth''': 236708.05- 29 years
* '''Place of Birth''': Velestus (Bristol)
* '''Gender''': Male
Born on stardate 236708.05 on the island Bristol on Velestus, Liam spend his first five years, together with the other Bristol children in one of the many Velustus' crèches. Afterwards his parents took him back in to the house to raise/mentor him further. At the age of 18 Liam decided to take up medicine so that he could replace the doctor that is about to retire on his home island Bristol. Little did he know that someone else already had his eyes on the job. Yet four years later Liam realized that a medical degree way way over his league and he dropped out of Medical School and took a sabbatical while visiting and exploring the other islands on Velestus. During this trip he learned that even though they were all one species, habits on some of the other islands were different than those of Bristol itself. Wanting to explore beyond the bounderies boundaries of his home planet, he joined Starfleet Academy to learn more about other species and planets at the age of 25 and now, four years later, he's is eagerly awaiting for his final test to graduate from Starfleet.

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