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USS Columbia

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{{Motto - Active|There are always possibilities.|ICON=Nebula-icon1.gif|link=Columbia_Dedication_Plaque}}
Named for the first NASA space shuttle to be launched into Earth orbit, the '''USS ''Columbia''''' (NCC-85279) is a {{c|Nebula}} Long Term Deep Space Exploration & Reconnaissance Explorer. It is presently assigned to the distant [[Sagittarius Reach]] along the galactic edge and is under the command of Captain [[Theo Whittaker]]. Lieutenant Commander [[Jarred ThoranPholin Duyzer]] serves as it’s Executive Officer.
Originally launched in 2382 as part of a Starfleet initiative to return to the peaceful exploration of space after over a decade of strife with the Borg, the [[Dominion]] and other external threats, the ''Columbia'' was originally assigned to explore the Gamma Quadrant before it was reassigned to [[StarBase 118]] as it’s primary support vessel, where it remained in service until 2390 when it was severely damaged during the course of an assignment and put into drydock for extensive repairs in refits.