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Valesha Sienelis/Skarbek

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:'''Literature''': A voracious reader, she makes an effort to read seminal and classic works from across the known galaxy.
:'''Martial Arts''': On the insistence of her father, Valesha is a long-term student of Ch'Vashrek. Her lessons were focused on a variation that involves rapid, hard and direct assaults intended to incapacitate as swiftly as possible.
:'''Swimming and Underwater Diving''': With the luxury of rivers and a lake near the family home, Valesha enjoyed swimming and often spent hours in the water with her brother. As she grew older, her love of the water expanded to include snorkelling and scuba diving. It's not a hobby she gets much of a chance to indulge in, but when the opportunity presents, she does.
|No one knows in what circumstances Walter and Valesha met, and neither has felt inclined to share the story. Known for firing off sarcastic remarks at one another as though they're exchanging mortar fire across trenches, they somehow appear to know how far is too far, and don't cross that line. She is one of the few who receive his rare invitations to share a drink, when the mood takes him.
![[File:Gorkon-ChrisJohns.jpg|120px|link=Christopher Johns/Skarbek]]<br>[[Christopher Johns/Skarbek|Chris Johns]]
|<center>Close Friend</center>
|Talked at almost as soon as she stepped aboard the Skarbek, surprised when he delighted in her sarcasm, Valesha has developed a firm friendship with the Russian technician. He introduced her to tequila, she introduced him to Romulan home cooking, and the pair can often found in one another's company, relentlessly teasing one another. Of late, there's been a friction to their repartee and Valesha doesn't feel quite so easy in his company as she used to.

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