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Tahlin Alse

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|Quinton Argive
Also known as "Q'n'tin of Argive" or just 'Quin', Quinton was Tahlin's roommate at the Academy from his sophomore to senior years, both pursuing combined bachelors and masters degrees in similar six year programs. At one point a mutual attraction and minor flirtation might've led to something more between them but ultimately both moved past it to become close friends over their years spent together. Both vacationed with each other's families during breaks and Tahlin in particular became close with Quinton's Xenexian family and wider clan. When both graduated and received different assignments they continued their relationship by subspace before Tahlin returned to Earth. Upon hearing of his friend's mental health struggles Quinton took a brief leave of absence to be with Tahlin and even briefly considered a ground posting on Earth to be with him again. Tahlin's pleas and Quinton's knowledge that Tahlin would never forgive himself if both their careers were derailed over his issues squashed the idea but such an act still resonates in Tahlin's mind as the show of a true friend with incredible loyalty. Loyalty he did not think he was capable of receiving, or earning. Since then Quinton has continued to serve in Starfleet, rising to the rank of Lieutenant and becoming Assistant Chief Engineer on the USS Harbin and both spent two months leave on Xenex before Tahlin was assigned to the Veritas.

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