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Tahlin Alse

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|Chambui Lkhagvasuren
A decorated Starfleet Officer, Pilot and Helmsmen, Tahlin and Chambui were neighbors growing up on Maravel. While ten years older than Tahlin, Chambui was close with the El-Aurian toddler and frequently looked after him. When she joined Starfleet and he moved to Cardassia Prime the closeness of their relationship did not dissipate and as both matured they adopted an adult relationship based on subspace communications and letters that were almost daily. After Tahlin too joined Starfleet, it was Chambui who helped him adapt to Academy life after his poor first year, spending the summer together at their childhood home on Maravel. Tahlin is forever grateful to Chambui for everything she has done for him and he values her friendship, being one of the few people he would never refuse a request or favor no matter the extremes. Now Lieutenant Commander Lkhagvasuren is currently assigned as the Helm Officer and Commander of the Air Group of the USS Shinano.

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