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Tahlin Alse

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Tahlin's parents are career Federation diplomats, his mother an expert on Federation-Cardassian relations and his father an economic development specialist. Both arrived in Federation space as refugees over a century ago and met each other while being processed on Earth. Since that time they have worked tirelessly for the Federation, that government which gave them shelter and eventually both would feel secure enough to produce a child, Tahlin, on the eve of peace with the Cardassian Union. After the Dominion War Atria was assigned to Cardassia Prime and took her family with her, spending the next 15 years there before returning to Earth in 2391 to accept a professorship at the University of Chicago. Jhelion meanwhile went into business for himself, using contacts he had built over decades of diplomatic work with outlying colonies and powers to develop a small but robust import-export business.
Tahlin enjoys a very close relationship with both of his parents and as their only child has received all of their love, attention and care his entire life. Both worked hard to provide a stable and nurturing environment for their son to grow up in, encouraging his intellectual pursuits and different hobbies. Jhelion in particular has always been conspicuous with his attentions and his concern for his sensitive son's well being, though he sometimes masked it behind humor and jocularity. More passive and hands off than her husband, Atria used different activities to help build her son's self confidence like ''Tworin'' and velocity, and always brought him to attend parties and functions to bolster his social skills. Both had reservations, particularly Jhelion, about their son joining Starfleet but never voiced any true objections. Both would've preferred that Tahlin take another path; Jhelion had always seen his son as a medical doctor while Atria tried to groom her son to follow his parents into the foreign service. Both however are proud of their son for what he has accomplished in Starfleet and Jhelion in particular is proud that Tahlin is carrying on his family's military tradition.
Tahlin's relationship with his parents, both individually and as a couple, is the strongest and deepest he has and he's made precious few other connections that are as close as the ones they share as a family. After his first stint in Starfleet, Tahlin returned to Earth to live with them and being together for those three years, away from both of his parents' busy schedules and duties that dominated his childhood, was a rich and fulfilling experience that brought them even closer and helped Tahlin overcome his depression. One of the few uniquely personal effects in Tahlin's quarters on the Veritas are pictures of his family, many from these intervening years between his Starfleet assignments.