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Tristam Core

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Sent to nowhere
As [[Kinan Venroe]] departs for reassignment, Tristam is placed as the Invicta's First Officer on stardate 239305.13. For his efforts in an alternate reality (where the Dominion were the major power) and encountering the [[USS Ronin-A (alternate)|USS Ronin-A]], as well as participating in efforts to reclaim the [[Charles Lindbergh]], Tristam was awarded the Quantum Reality Service Ribbon and the War of Shadows Ribbon respectively on stardate 239306.08.
===Sent to nowhereOutpost 3===
By late 2394, The Starfleet Corps of Engineers assign Tristam was assigned to the crippled [[Outpost 3]] in late 2394, to assess and repair the damage caused by a pirate attack. With the assistance help of a civilian repair team led by [[Molly Ashaba]], and with only a single Starfleet young crewman[[Kolby Selrus]], he had managed to reclaim the outpost's reclaims the outpost’s lower decks before the {{USS|Veritas}} arrives, making them liveable. The project stalls temporarily when Crewman Selrus’ arm is crushed under a falling bulkhead. Because medical supplies will not arrive for some time, Tristam has to create an anti-gravity brace for his arm.  
After 61 days working on the project, and with minor crew injuries, Tristam and Kolby Selrus give gives Captain Rahman a tour of the functioning levels of Outpost 3when the {{USS|Veritas}} arrives. However, Rahman initially deems the project to be a total loss, citing how the amount of materials used could build have built an entirely new stationin the time they’ve spent renovating this one. As he tries to persuade her to reconsider, they stumble upon a stash of felicium, and . Repairs are again put on hold for the ''Veritas '' crew are forced to investigate.   
Tristam meets and works with Lieutenants [[Lael Rosek]], [[Sepek]], and [[Hanar Tuk]] as they establish how the felicium ended up on the outpost to begin with. When offered spare parts for use in repairing the station from the ''Veritas'', Tristam declines, stating he couldn't couldn’t bring himself to take equipment the ''Veritas '' may ultimately need down the line. However, a few days into the investigation, a proximity alert around the outpost is triggered, and the small station is boarded by a [[Klingon]] patrolboards Outpost 3. After countering the Klingon breach of the station's station’s computer systems, the situation is resolved.
The ''Veritas '' remains a few more days to assist with repairs, though Tristam grows increasingly irritated at the over-arching work ethic of the Starfleet crew, having become comfortable with the casual atmosphere provided by a civilian work crew. When the outpost begins to run runs low on it's its supply of deuterium, Tristam finally asks the ''Veritas'' for help. The transfer of deuterium proves problematic later however, as the ''Veritas '' would be called away for assistancean emergency, resulting in dangerously low deuterium reserves on the ship’s return trip home.
When the ''Veritas'' leaves to return to [[Star Station Esperance]], Roshanara stays behind with Tristam to assist with repairs on the outpost, and to reconnect. During this time, they encounter [[Kallo Ver]] whom has much needed materials and just "happened “happened to be passing by"by”. In return for the materials on his ship, he asks Roshanara for a single favour to be called upon in upon in the future. She agrees, though Tristam likens it to her having sold her soul to "black paint"“black paint”.
===Aboard the Veritas===

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