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Tahlin Alse

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Starfleet was not an obvious choice for Tahlin. Upon his graduation from preparatory school the only viable path on Cardassia for him was the Central University, where he began attending some lectures as a high school student. Initially not considering himself a math or science oriented person, the lectures and professors at the Central University changed his mind towards the sciences and encouraged his exploration of theory and gathering of scientific knowledge while tutoring him in the more ‘hard’, mathematics based portions. It was only on the advice of the wife of one of his mother’s colleagues whose son Tahlin had grown up with, that he applied to Starfleet Academy to study Astrophysics and the Philosophy and History of Science. To his surprise Tahlin was admitted and to the surprise of all he accepted the offer to join Starfleet, leaving the politics of Cardassia for the rigorous training Starfleet Academy had in store for him.
While at the Academy Tahlin was initially a middling student, finding the combined culture shock of the Academy and wider Earth initially quite difficult and without any support system like his extensive social contacts on Cardassia Prime. However after a few Academy mixers and residence hall parties Tahlin quickly found his footing socially but academically it would take him the better part of a year to make the adjustments. Higher level mathematics were still hard for him to process even if he could expound endlessly about cosmological theory. Furthermore, Tahlin was becoming unsure of his purpose in Starfleet. While it had been an 'out' off Cardassia Prime, Tahlin was unsure if he was truly prepared to dedicate his life to Starfleet. During the summer break he instead went to Maravel to visit his childhood friend and now Starfleet officer Chambui Lkhagvasuren rather than return home to Cardassia Prime and it was there that he found a sense of confidence and purpose just from talking to his old friend. He returned to the Academy at the start of the academic year with a new sense of commitment and purpose, more than duty or merely going along with where the winds had taken him.
While Tahlin specialized heavily in physics and philosophy he also found he had great aptitude in electrical and information systems and earned honors in the Academy's Starship Operations courses. A life long lover and student of history Tahlin maintained a perfect unweighted GPA in that field. It was only in his advanced applied physics courses that Tahlin continued to struggle academically, still finding the math involved difficult and tedious. Tahlin would graduate with high marks and commendations but without actual academic honors from Starfleet Academy in 2393 and began his assignment on the USS Constitution-B the following month after graduation.
However Tahlin did not take to starship life. A case of dysthymia overcame him and he returned to Earth in defeat, ostensibly with the focus of completing his Doctorate at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Now in the presence of family after the Federation withdrawal from Cardassia, his mother and father were a balm to Tahlin's troubled mind, especially his feelings of failure. During this time Tahlin also took extra courses at Starfleet Academy to re-specialize as an Operations Officer as a way to give himself wider utility as an officer, once again shining as an exemplar of starship operations, especially when it came to the ships information and control systems. In the summer of 2396 Tahlin's commission was reactivated and he was reassigned to the USS Veritas on assignment in the Shoals as their new operations officer.
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