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Tahlin Alse

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|SPECIES = El-Aurian
|GENDER = Male
* Parents: Atria (Mors) & Jhelion (Suraan)
Presently a Tahlin's parents are career diplomat Federation diplomats, his mother an expert on Federation-Cardassian relations and ambassador by profession, Atria has had other careers in the past that much is certain but since arriving his father an economic development specialist. Both arrived in Federation space 70 years ago as refugees over a refugee she has century ago and met each other while being processed on Earth. Since that time they have worked with tirelessly for the Federation Diplomatic Corps. She is an expert on Federation-Cardassian relations , that government which gave them shelter and worked eventually both would feel secure enough to produce a child, Tahlin, on the Armistace eve of 2370 before being peace with the Cardassian Union. After the Dominion War Atria was assigned to the relief mission on Cardassia Prime and took her family with her, spending the next 15 years there before returning to Earth in 2376. Since then she has settled on Earth, taking 2391 to accept a teaching position professorship at a the University. Larien has had decidedly less focus on a career path than his wife though he has remained somewhat stationary out of consideration for his family and young sonChicago.
* Siblings: None (that he knows of)
* Spouse: Single