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Genkos Adea

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|NAME = Genkos Adea
|SHIP = {{USS|Gorkon}}
|RANK = LieutenantCommander
|POST = Chief Medical Officer
'''Lieutenant Commander Genkos Adea''' is currently serving as the '''Chief Medical Officer''' aboard the {{USS|Gorkon}}. Crippled by a transporter malfunction as a young adult, Genkos' left calf and foot are biosynthetic created by Genkos and [[Yiggtissi]], and he relies on a cane for support. He is a driven young Betazoid, full of hopes and aspirations. He recently discovered that his father had crippled his telepathic development to hide his crimes, and such, is struggling to cope with them.
<h3>{{LCARS-bar-left|Personal Profile|200|COLOR=Teal}}</h3>
! style="background:#000;" |{{Pips|Lieutenant|Teal|DS9}}
! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |Lieutenant
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |239601.27 - 239607.25! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |{{USS|Gorkon}}! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |Chief Medical Officer|-! style="background:#000;" |{{Pips|Lieutenant Commander|Teal|DS9}}! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |Lieutenant Commander! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |239607.25 - Present
! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |{{USS|Gorkon}}
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |Chief Medical Officer

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