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Solasta Awatto

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|BIRTHPLACE = USS Progrediamur, Science Vessel
|IMAGE =Ensign Awatto.jpg
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('''Your rank and Ensign Solasta Willow Awatto''') is currently serving as a ('''your duty postscience officer''') aboard the ({{USS|Your ShipAstraeus}}). (A table of contents will be automatically generated below this line - you won't see it in the edit window but it'll be right there once you save the page!)
{{Heading|Appearance|GoldTeal}}* '''Height''': (Add your stats after each bullet point)5'9* '''Weight''': 125 lbs* '''Hair''':dark brown* '''Length''': Below shoulders* '''Eyes''':Crystal Blue/Crystal Green* '''Ears''': Ticklish* '''Face''': Typical Denobulan ridges, but less pronounced* '''Build''':Fit with Typical Denobulan markings*'''Birthmarks/Scars''': Small scar on palm of left hand {{Heading|Family|Teal}}My Family helped shape who I am today.Solasta had an interesting childhood some would say. Her mother and father met in the typical way in that they both worked together. They met aboard the USS Progrediamur, a Starfleet Science vessel when mother worked in the security department and father in the science department. Their friendship – both professional and personal – grew quickly and soon father proposed. There was only one note of interest, he currently already had one wife. Being open minded and making herself aware of Denobulan culture, Mother did not have any issues, and was willing to accept the cultural differences. So, mother and father wed, 2 years after first meeting, and 9 months later, I was born!  My co-mother is Vulcan, making my older brother Vulcan/Denobulan. In between the time of my co-mother marrying my father and when my father married my mother, he also had a rendezvous with a science officer from the Klingon Ship De’gh Ega’g, and several months later, my older sister was born – Klingon/Denobulan. The relationship between the two had maintained over the years, strictly for scientific purposes. Once, when I was about a year old, the ship we were living on did a stop over at the Denobulan homeworld. This provided father the opportunity to show his family where he was from, and to acquaint his relatives with us. During this stop over, we were not the only Starfleet vessel visiting the planet, and father ran into an old friend of his. Before we had left the planet, father and her were married. Both left with their respectful ships with their spouses and children with them. Found out just before I turned 2 when apparently, I became a big sister to a younger sister. One year later, when I turned 3, father took a fourth and final wife, with whom he had a set of twin girls.  Childhood aboard the USS Progrediamur was never dull. All of us children lived with our birth mothers, while father had his own quarters. This meant that us children roamed the ship (where allowed) freely, playing games or traveling together for our school. Each co-mother was loved, respected and feared. Once a year our Klingon sister would come live with us for 5 months and the sibling dynamics would become weird. Then once a year for 4 months, our co-mother, the Denobulan, would send her children to our father so that they had the opportunity to interact with us, and then our father would send all of us with them for four months so that we could spend time with her and more time with our siblings. This was life, always surrounded by family and never alone for long periods of time. It was normal. It came as a shock when I entered Starfleet and had to draw out my family chart for people to understand how I was related to certain people. By my last year at the academy, all of my siblings had entered Starfleet. This proved more confusing for our professors than our friends!  My interest in Xenobotany & XenoAnthropology began as a young child, when I had the opportunities to visit the homeworlds of our Co-mothers and I got the chance to explore different areas of those worlds and was able to ask as many questions as I wanted! Turned out I really liked plants and learning about the histories of the planets that the ship we lived on visited. Mother and Father and our co-mothers always encouraged us in our interests, even if they changed every 5 mintues.
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MOTHER: Rose Blathnat Awatto
FATHER: Mettius
HOW THEY MET: USS Progrediamur, Science Vessel
CO-MOTHER: T'Nus(Vulcan)
SIBLINGS: Older Brother Chu’lak – Vulcan/Denobulan
SIBLING: Older Sister K'nera- Klingon/Denobulan
CO-MOTHER: Yelauna (Denobulan)
SIBLINGS: Younger Sister - Yeenfera
CO-MOTHER: (Lorillian)
SIBLINGS: Younger Sister (twin 1) Mayela - Lorillian/Denobulan
SIBLINGS: Younger Sister (twin 2) Hinaya - Lorillian/Denobulan
* [[(Solasta Willow Awatto)]]{{Heading|Service Record|Teal}}(Description Here){{Crewnav|USS Astraeus}}

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