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Daniel Cain

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|Purple Heart|1
|Legacy Ribbon|1
|Innovation Ribbon|1
{{Ribbons Rack
|LABEL = Awards
|Sheathed Sword|1
{{Badge Rack
|25th Anniversary|1
{| style="margin: 1em auto 1em auto;" border='2' cellspacing='1'
! colspan="100%" style="background:goldgreen; width:552px; color:black;" |Service History
! style="background:#CD7F32; width:120px;" |Insignia
! style="background:#000;" |{{Pips|Lieutenant JG|Gold|Slanted}}
! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |Lieutenant JG
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |239509.25 - Present239603.16
! style="background:#B8B8B8;" rowspan="1" |[[USS Apollo-A]]
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" rowspan="1" |Security Officer
! style="background:#000;" |{{Pips|First Lieutenant|Green|Slanted}}
! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |1st Lieutenant
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |239603.21 - Present
! style="background:#B8B8B8;" rowspan="1" |[[Starbase 118 Ops]]
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" rowspan="1" |Marine Officer
{{Ribbons Display}}
{{Awards Header}}
{{Citation|Sheathed Sword|239606.23|[[Starbase 118 Ops]]|Awarded to an individual who puts their character through psychological trauma.}}
{{Service Ribbons Header}}
{{Citation|Good Conduct Ribbon|239208.15|[[Embassy of Duronis II]]|Awarded to a person who shows conspicuous gallantry in the line of duty.}}
{{Citation|Joint Meritorious Unit Award|239510.09|[[Embassy of Duronis II]]|}}
{{Citation|Legacy Ribbon|239511.10|[[USS Apollo-A]]|In recognition of getting the [[USS Apollo-A]] launched and contributing to its ongoing legacy}}
{{Citation|Innovation Ribbon|239605.01|[[Starbase 118 Ops]]|Awarded to all team members who aided in creating an antivirus for the holoemitter crisis on Starbase 118.}}
{{Ribbons Display End}}

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