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Commonly asked questions: Added MFD shorthand
====What do your edits marked ''NC'' mean?====
This is short hand for "naming convention". If you see '''NC''' as noted reason for a page move, it's likely that I've moved a page that doesn't conform to our [[Naming pages properly|standard naming practices]] - often this is because it's using the old [Surname, Given name] format, other times it's simply because a page name is either misleading, too long, or players looking for it wouldn't find it very easily.
====What do your edits marked ''MFD'' mean?====
This is short hand for "marked for deletion", as those images will also have the [[Template:Delete]] displayed. If the image was uploaded to the wiki before Jan 1st, 2018 (AEST), and is not currently displayed on a page, I've likely marked it for deletion. If I've added the delete template to your image, but you wish to keep it, edit the image page and remove <nowiki>{{delete}}</nowiki> ASAP.
Alternatively, if you see an image that is in the deletion category, and you have a way to utilise it, ''please do'', and remove the <nowiki>{{delete}}</nowiki> template.
====What is the difference between the templates ''[[Template:stub|stub]]'' and ''[[Template:Expansion needed|Expansion needed]]''?====
====How do I get the same thing on all pages without having to edit all the pages?====
You can create a '''template''', which can be displayed on all pages but edited only from it's source. These can be created by making a page named ''Template:[name]''. They can be displayed by typing ''{{[name]}}''. They're edited like any other page.
====I created an ID subpage for an NPC but it's not working====
ID subpages require a specific template (which can be found [[:Category:ID subpages|here]]) in order to be correctly displayed on rosters - regular character bios are not automatically translated for the roster. [[User talk:Rune Jolara|Rune Jolara]] may be able to help if you require further assistance.
====My character page uses the Surname, Given-name convention.====

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