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Commonly asked questions: Adding info re:Stubs
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====What do your edits marked ''cate'' meantmean?====That This means I've added , changed, or removed categories to a page.
====What do your edits marked ''NC'' mean?====
This is short hand for "naming convention". If you see '''NC''' as noted reason for a page move, it's likely that I've moved a page that doesn't conform to our [[Naming pages properly|standard naming practices]] - often this is because it's using the old [Surname, Given name] format, other times it's simply because a page name is either misleading, too long, or players looking for it wouldn't find it very easily.
====What is the difference between the templates ''[[Template:stub|stub]]'' and ''[[Template:Expansion needed|Expansion needed]]''?====
Length. Pages with [[Template:Expansion needed]] are long enough to be sufficient on their own, but may be expanded upon with new information from each ship (if you've encountered a species from the ILI for example, you can go ahead and add this new information so long as you reference what sim that information comes from).
Stubs are typically very short and lack useful information pertaining to the article.
=====Why have you marked pages as "stubs"?=====
If I've gone ahead and added [[Template:stub]] to a page, it is lacking information regarding the topic or is simply too short (only one or two sentences long) to be it's own specific page right now. You can edit a page to add more information, and therefore remove <nowiki>{{stub}}</nowiki> from the top of the page.
====Can I use other people's page structure/take stuff from other people's pages?====

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