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|class="nophonenomobile"|{{hover|UserPholin-Dehner2.jpg|UserPholin-Dehner.jpg|link=Dehner Base|The Columbia's homebase located in the Sagittarius Reach.}}|class="nophonenomobile"|{{hover|UserPholin-Pholin2.jpg|UserPholin-Pholin.jpg|link=Pholin Duyzer|The male Denobulan science officer aboard the USS Columbia.}}|class="nophonenomobile"|{{hover|UserPholin-Nelis2.jpg|UserPholin-Nelis.jpg|link=Nelis Duyzer|The male human repair crewman aboard the USS Columbia.}}|class="nophonenomobile"|{{hover|UserPholin-Nebula2.jpg|UserPholin-Nebula.jpg|link=USS Columbia|The Nebula class vessel exploring the Galactic Barrier and Sagittarius Reach.}}
|class="nophonenomobile" colspan=4|<hr>
|colspan=4 width=20px style="text-align: justify;"|Hiya! My name is '''Quinten''' (not Quentin), a Dutchman born and raised in the Hague. In my free time I like to do creative things in Photoshop, sail with friends in the summer, play some guitar, and I love to sit down and watch Netflix at the end of the day. At the age of eight (otherwise known as long ago) my parents started (re)watching Star Trek: Voyager. This got me into Star Trek immediately, and I have been watching and reading it ever since. In 2018, however, watching and reading still wasn't enough, I needed to be in the universe myself. Therefore, I joined the fleet on stardate 239509.12 and have been loving every minute of it so far. Currently, I play [[Pholin Duyzer]], a male [[Denobulan]] science officer aboard the [[USS Columbia|Columbia]], as my primary character. In 2396, I also began playing for my first PNPC, [[Nelis Duyzer]], a male [[Human]] (Dutchman!) repair technician aboard the [[USS Columbia|Columbia]]. I'm also a member of the [[Advanced Starship Design Bureau|ASDB]], the [[Image Collective]]. I also run the fleet's [ Instagram page], which makes me a part of the [[Publicity Team]]. You can find me on the discord, forums or email (my PC’s full name + if you want to get in touch! ❤

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