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{| border="4" align="right"|- rowspan+"2"|[[Image:AtlantisLogo.png|center|200px]] |- align="center"|'''Name:''' Stephen|- align="center"|'''Joined SB118:''' November 2018|- align="center"|'''From:''' West Virginia|- align="center"|'''Writer ID:''' 239511MH0|- align="centre"|{{Ribbons Rack|LABEL=Awards
|Genesis Award|1
|Neelix Award|1
|}} |}
Greetings and Salutations! My name is '''Stephen''' I guess you're here cause you'd like to know more about me!
{{LCARS Section Heading|About the Writer}}
* '''Joined 118:''' November 2018
* '''Gender''': Male
* '''Age''': {{age|2374|09|27}}
* '''Occupation''': Let's Just Say I Have A Job
* '''City of Residence''': Elkins, West Virginia
* '''OOC Rank:''' Lieutenant
* '''Hobbies/Interests''': Star Trek (obviously), Science fiction, writing, reading, games lots of games, music...and so many countless others.

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