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Geoffrey Teller

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|Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal|1
|Tholian Campaign Ribbon|1
|Russ Bar|1
{{Citation|Joint Meritorious Unit Award|239606.13|USS Veritas|"For actions against the Mentharian Computer System Sentinel in concert with Tholian forces"}}
{{Citation|Department Chief Ribbon|239606.13|USS Veritas|"For serving as Chief Engineer aboard the USS Veritas for no less than six months"}}
{{Citation|TOSMA|239606.25|2396 Fleet Awards|"This award is given to members who show great dedication in their behavior and simming abilities."}}
{{Citation|Russ Bar|239606.25|2396 Fleet Awards|"The Russ bar is awarded to a writer whose knowledge of Trek lore is extraordinary."}}
{{Ribbons Display End}}

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