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{{LCARS Section Heading|Characters}}
Image:KDrex.png|[[Kayla Drex]]<br \>PC<br \>[[User:Kayla_Drex/JPs|Kayla's JPs]]
Image:Charlotte_McQueen.png|[[Charlotte McQueen|Charlie McQueen]]<br \>PNPC
Image:SFitzpatrick.png|[[Seamus Fitzpatrick]]<br \>PNPC
Image:Noimage.jpg|[[/Jarris|Jarris]]<br \>Training Character
Image:LeannaMarshDrex.jpg|[[Leanna Marsh-Drex]]<br \>PNPC
Image:GulliverDrex.jpg|[[Gulliver Drex]]<br \>PNPC
Image:Noimage.jpg|[[Braiden Drex]]<br \>PNPC
Image:Noimage.jpg|[[Phillip Drex]]<br \>PNPC
Image:MichaelDrex.jpg|[[Michael Drex]]<br \>PNPC
Image:Noimage.jpg|[[David Drex]]<br \>PNPC</gallery></center>
{{LCARS Section Heading|OOC Involvement}}<center><gallery>Image:Sciences&Technology.png|[[Starfleet Journal of Arts & Sciences]]<br \>ContributorImage:Imglogo.jpg|[[The (Image) Collective]]<br />"Image Wiz"Image:118Radio.png|[[Podcast Team]]<br \>Writer, Performer, Some EditingImage:FNS-banner.jpg|[[Federation News Service]]<br \>Contributing WriterImage:EagleLogo.png|[[USS Eagle]]<br \>Ship's Staff Member,<br \>MentorImage:DiscordIcon.png|Fleetwide Chat<br \>Planning Team Member</gallery></center> {{LCARS Section Heading|OOC Badges and Awards}}<center>{{Badge Rack|LABEL=|Image Collective Member|1|SJAS Author|1|AwardsCeremony Nominator Elite|1|25th Anniversary|1}}</center>
{{Ribbons Display}}
Quinn: The eagle might be our sigil and mascot, but Kris is undoubtedly our most accomplished cheerleader. She has lead by example from the moment she arrived, and has raised spirits left and right, freely giving her strength, compassion and wicked sense of humor to elate us in times of challenge or distress. I know that she has tirelessly done this across the fleet as well. Thank you for your efforts, lieutenant! Very well deserved indeed.}}
{{Citation|Cochrane Award|239606.24|[[Oddas Aria]]|The Cochrane Award is a duty post award and is awarded to those science officers who have contributed greatly to the advance of science in the midst of their Starfleet career, by staying knowledgeable about their field, participating in the community of science, but most importantly, by placing their knowledge at the service of their ship and its mission.
((OOC Duty Post Award Presentation 239606.30))
Presented by Oddas Aria: “Kayla Drex epitomizes the Science Officer role. During missions she easily interweaves the mind of a curious scientist throughout the narrative, offering suggestions and information appropriate for her position.
Both IC and OOC Drex continually impresses, providing details and thoughts to improve writing, and realism in the science aspects of both the Ship and the Fleet. Participating in cross-fleet activities, such as SIMSCON and the SJAS, she gladly imparts her knowledge, time, and talent to the fleet as a whole, and we are lucky to have her.
For all of these reasons I am very pleased to be able to present Kayla Drex with the Cochrane Award.”}}
{{Ribbons Display End}}

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