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'''Height''': 163cm (5’4”)
<br>'''Weight''': 60kgs<br>'''Eyes''': Grey
<br>'''Fur Colour''': White with black spots
<br>'''Handedness''': Right
*'''Writing''': K'Trau is an amateur author, and has published precisely one book, entitled "Remember the Jungle" about a Caitian in a modern city who wishes to return to the jungle of her ancestors. She is in the process of writing a second novel, but keeps the details mostly to herself.
*'''Making Necklaces''': K'Trau likes art, and as such makes necklaces from Wood, Bone or Ivory.
*'''Being Social''': During her time off duty, K'Trau can often be found in the crew lounge, hanging out with the crew, swapping stories and gossip.
*'''Running/Working out/Keeping fit''': Nothing worse than a fat lazy Caitian. These legs were built for running!
*'''Art''': K'Trau values artistic skill and beauty, upon visiting a new location she will often find her way to an art gallery as her first stop.
*'''Swimming''': Wet fur is not fun.*'''Being Petted''': She's not a house cat!

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