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Beelam Grog/Academy Transcript

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{{Academy Diploma
|Name on Diploma=Beelam Grog
|Graduation Date=239512.10|Post2395Post2390=Yes|Major=Nursing|Commandant=Tristan Wolf?Quinn Reynolds|Training CO= UnknownAyiana Sevo
|Name on Transcript= Beelam Grog
|Serial Number= Unknown BG - 605 - 206
|Graduation Date= 239512.10
|Dates of Attendance= 2391-2395
|Campus= San Francisco, Earth, Sol Sector
|Major= Nursing|Minor=None
|Major Division Color=Blue
|Minor= Psychology
|Year1Sem1 Course1 Code= HIST101
|Year1Sem1 Course1 Title= Birth of the Federation
|Year1Sem1 Course1 Grade= AC+
|Year1Sem1 Course2 Code= XEN101
|Year1Sem1 Course2 Title= General Xenology
|Year1Sem1 Course2 Grade= BA
|Year1Sem1 Course3 Code= ENG221
|Year1Sem1 Course3 Title= LCARS Programming 1
|Year1Sem1 Course3 Grade= B-C+
|Year1Sem1 Course4 Code= ADMIN101
|Year1Sem1 Course4 Title= Starfleet Operations
|Year1Sem1 Course4 Grade= A-C
|Year1Sem2 Course1 Code= ADMIN110BIO101|Year1Sem2 Course1 Title= Chain of Command and General ProtocolConcepts|Year1Sem2 Course1 Grade= B+C
|Year1Sem2 Course2 Code= DIPL101
|Year1Sem2 Course2 Title= General Diplomacy
|Year1Sem2 Course2 Grade= AC
|Year1Sem2 Course3 Code= ENG231
|Year1Sem2 Course3 Title= Computer Memory and Personnel Interfaces
|Year1Sem2 Course3 Grade= BC
|Year1Sem2 Course4 Code= LANG101
|Year1Sem2 Course4 Title= Federation Standard
|Year1Sem2 Course4 Grade= BC+
|Year1Sem3 Course1 Code= PHYS101PSY101|Year1Sem3 Course1 Title= ConceptsTerran, General|Year1Sem3 Course1 Grade= BC+
|Year1Sem3 Course2 Code= LAW101
|Year1Sem3 Course2 Title= General Federation Law
|Year1Sem3 Course2 Grade= A-C+|Year1Sem3 Course3 Code= ENG232PSY102|Year1Sem3 Course3 Title= ReplicatorsNon-Terran, Transporters and HolodecksMajor Species|Year1Sem3 Course3 Grade= B+A
|Year1Sem3 Course4 Code= SURV101
|Year1Sem3 Course4 Title= Starship Emergencies
|Year1Sem3 Course4 Grade= BC
|Year2Sem1 Course1 Code= MATH101
|Year2Sem1 Course1 Title= Concepts
|Year2Sem1 Course1 Grade= BC+|Year2Sem1 Course2 Code= PILOT101PSY111|Year2Sem1 Course2 Title= Runabouts and ShuttlesTwo-lobed Interspecies Individuals|Year2Sem1 Course2 Grade= A-|Year2Sem1 Course3 Code= ENG233BIO151|Year2Sem1 Course3 Title= SensorsCell Biology, Communications and Helm SystemsHumanoid|Year2Sem1 Course3 Grade= A-
|Year2Sem1 Course4 Code= TAC101
|Year2Sem1 Course4 Title= Combat, Unarmed
|Year2Sem1 Course4 Grade= BC
|Year2Sem2 Course1 Code= TAC110
|Year2Sem2 Course1 Title= Combat, Small Weapons
|Year2Sem2 Course1 Grade= A-C|Year2Sem2 Course2 Code= SURV110BIO152|Year2Sem2 Course2 Title= Environmental Suits and ZeroCell Biology, Non-G TrainingHumanoid|Year2Sem2 Course2 Grade= BA|Year2Sem2 Course3 Code= LANG130PSY112|Year2Sem2 Course3 Title= Elementary AndorianFour-lobed Interspecies Individuals|Year2Sem2 Course3 Grade= B+A|Year2Sem2 Course4 Code= BIO101DIPL200|Year2Sem2 Course4 Title= ConceptsHostile Species|Year2Sem2 Course4 Grade= BC+
|Year2Sem3 Course1 Code= MED101
|Year2Sem3 Course1 Title= First Aid and Field Medicine
|Year2Sem3 Course1 Grade= A|Year2Sem3 Course2 Code= BIO231|Year2Sem3 Course2 Title= Microbiology 1 (Bacteria)|Year2Sem3 Course2 Grade= A|Year2Sem3 Course3 Code= CHEM101|Year2Sem3 Course3 Title= Concepts|Year2Sem3 Course3 Grade= C|Year2Sem3 Course4 Code= ENG332|Year2Sem3 Course4 Title= Life Support Systems|Year2Sem3 Course4 Grade= A |Year3Sem1 Course1 Code= BIO232|Year3Sem1 Course1 Title= Microbiology 2 (Virii)|Year3Sem1 Course1 Grade= A|Year3Sem1 Course2 Code= BIO401|Year3Sem1 Course2 Title= Systems 1, Derm/Respir/Cardio/Hematol Systems|Year3Sem1 Course2 Grade= A|Year3Sem1 Course3 Code= DIPL250|Year3Sem1 Course3 Title= Non-Traditional Situations|Year3Sem1 Course3 Grade= C+|Year3Sem1 Course4 Code= BIO402|Year3Sem1 Course4 Title= Systems 2, GI/Musc/Renal/Endoc/Reprod|Year3Sem1 Course4 Grade= A |Year3Sem2 Course1 Code= NURS101|Year3Sem2 Course1 Title= Health Assessment & Promotion|Year3Sem2 Course1 Grade= A|Year3Sem2 Course2 Code= NURS200|Year3Sem2 Course2 Title= Pharmacotherapeutics|Year3Sem2 Course2 Grade= A|Year3Sem2 Course3 Code= NURS301|Year3Sem2 Course3 Title= Adult & Elder Nursing 1|Year3Sem2 Course3 Grade= A|Year3Sem2 Course4 Code= NURS302|Year3Sem2 Course4 Title= Adult & Elder Nursing 2|Year3Sem2 Course4 Grade= A |Year3Sem3 Course1 Code= ENG430|Year3Sem3 Course1 Title= Medical Systems and Equipment|Year3Sem3 Course1 Grade= A|Year3Sem3 Course2 Code= BIO201|Year3Sem3 Course2 Title= General Physiology|Year3Sem3 Course2 Grade= A|Year3Sem3 Course3 Code= BIO202|Year3Sem3 Course3 Title= Physiology, Major Species|Year3Sem3 Course3 Grade= A|Year3Sem3 Course4 Code= NURS310|Year3Sem3 Course4 Title= Pediatric Nursing|Year3Sem3 Course4 Grade= A |Year4Sem1 Course1 Code= BIO203|Year4Sem1 Course1 Title= Physiology, Minor Species|Year4Sem1 Course1 Grade= A|Year4Sem1 Course2 Code= NURS320 |Year4Sem1 Course2 Title= Maternity Nursing|Year4Sem1 Course2 Grade= A|Year4Sem1 Course3 Code= NURS330|Year4Sem1 Course3 Title= Acute Care Psychiatric Nursing|Year4Sem1 Course3 Grade= A|Year4Sem1 Course4 Code= PSY201|Year4Sem1 Course4 Title= Terran Development|Year4Sem1 Course4 Grade= A |Year4Sem2 Course1 Code= PSY102|Year4Sem2 Course1 Title= Non-Terran, Major Species|Year4Sem2 Course1 Grade= A|Year4Sem2 Course2 Code= PSY221|Year4Sem2 Course2 Title= Terran Gender|Year4Sem2 Course2 Grade= A|Year4Sem2 Course3 Code= PSY202|Year4Sem2 Course3 Title= Non-Terran, Major Species Development|Year4Sem2 Course3 Grade= A|Year4Sem2 Course4 Code= PSY212|Year4Sem2 Course4 Title= Non-Terran, Major Species Personalities|Year4Sem2 Course4 Grade= A|Year4Sem2 Course5 Code= NURS402|Year4Sem2 Course5 Title= Elective Clinical Placement 2|Year4Sem2 Course5 Grade= A |Year4Sem3 Course1 Code= PSY222|Year4Sem3 Course1 Title= Non-Terran Gender|Year4Sem3 Course1 Grade= A|Year4Sem3 Course2 Code= NURS500|Year4Sem3 Course2 Title= Leadership & Management in Nursing|Year4Sem3 Course2 Grade= A|Year4Sem3 Course3 Code= CHEM450|Year4Sem3 Course3 Title= Biochemistry|Year4Sem3 Course3 Grade= C+|Year4Sem3 Course4 Code= PSY301|Year4Sem3 Course4 Title= Abnormal|Year4Sem3 Course4 Grade= C+|Year4Sem3 Course5 Code= NURS401|Year4Sem3 Course5 Title= Elective Clinical Placement 1|Year4Sem3 Course5 Grade= A}} <br> {{SMA Diploma|Name on Diploma=Beelam Grog|Graduation Date= 239512.10|Commandant= Unknown|Training CO= Unknown}} {{SMA Transcript|Name on Transcript=Beelam Grog|Serial Number= BG - 605 - 206|Graduation Date= 239512.10|Dates of Attendance= |Campus= San Francisco, Earth, Sol Sector|Specialty= Nurse midwife and veterinarian |Year1Sem1 Course1 Code= MED111|Year1Sem1 Course1 Title= Bedside Manner|Year1Sem1 Course1 Grade= A|Year1Sem1 Course2 Code= MED150|Year1Sem1 Course2 Title= Medical Ethics|Year1Sem1 Course2 Grade= A|Year1Sem1 Course3 Code= MED201|Year1Sem1 Course3 Title= Clinical Fundamentals|Year1Sem1 Course3 Grade= A|Year1Sem1 Course4 Code= CHEM450|Year1Sem1 Course4 Title=Biochemistry|Year1Sem1 Course4 Grade= B|Year1Sem1 Course5 Code= BIO201|Year1Sem1 Course5 Title=General Physiology|Year1Sem1 Course5 Grade= A |Year1Sem2 Course1 Code= BIO202|Year1Sem2 Course1 Title=Physiology, Major Species|Year1Sem2 Course1 Grade= A|Year1Sem2 Course2 Code= BIO211|Year1Sem2 Course2 Title=Genetics, Humanoid 1|Year1Sem2 Course2 Grade= A|Year1Sem2 Course3 Code= BIO231|Year1Sem2 Course3 Title=Microbiology 1 (Bacteria)|Year1Sem2 Course3 Grade= B+|Year1Sem2 Course4 Code= BIO340|Year1Sem2 Course4 Title=Immunology|Year1Sem2 Course4 Grade= A|Year1Sem2 Course5 Code= BIO401|Year1Sem2 Course5 Title=Systems 1, Derm/Respir/Cardio/Hematol Systems|Year1Sem2 Course5 Grade= B+ |Year1Sem3 Course1 Code= BIO203|Year1Sem3 Course1 Title=Physiology, Minor Species|Year1Sem3 Course1 Grade= A|Year1Sem3 Course2 Code= BIO212|Year1Sem3 Course2 Title=Genetics, Humanoid 2|Year1Sem3 Course2 Grade= A|Year1Sem3 Course3 Code= BIO213|Year1Sem3 Course3 Title=Genetics, Non-Humanoid|Year1Sem3 Course3 Grade= A|Year1Sem3 Course4 Code= BIO233|Year1Sem3 Course4 Title=Microbiology 2 (Virii)|Year1Sem3 Course4 Grade= B+|Year1Sem3 Course5 Code= BIO402|Year1Sem3 Course5 Title=Systems 2, GI/Musc/Renal/Endoc/Reprod|Year1Sem3 Course5 Grade= B+ |Year2Sem1 Course1 Code= MED175|Year2Sem1 Course1 Title=Epidemiology and Medical Statistics|Year2Sem1 Course1 Grade= B+|Year2Sem1 Course2 Code= MED201|Year2Sem1 Course2 Title=Diagnosis, Major Species|Year2Sem1 Course2 Grade= A|Year2Sem1 Course3 Code= MED211|Year2Sem1 Course3 Title=Pharmacology 1|Year2Sem1 Course3 Grade= A-|Year2Sem1 Course4 Code= ENG430|Year2Sem1 Course4 Title=Medical Systems and Equipment|Year2Sem1 Course4 Grade= A-|Year2Sem1 Course5 Code= BIO440|Year2Sem1 Course5 Title=Pathology|Year2Sem1 Course5 Grade= A |Year2Sem2 Course1 Code= MED203|Year2Sem2 Course1 Title=Diagnosis, Minor Species|Year2Sem2 Course1 Grade= A|Year2Sem2 Course2 Code= MED212|Year2Sem2 Course2 Title=Pharmacology 2|Year2Sem2 Course2 Grade= A-|Year2Sem2 Course3 Code= ENG332|Year2Sem2 Course3 Title=Life Support Systems|Year2Sem2 Course3 Grade= B|Year2Sem2 Course4 Code= BIO490|Year2Sem2 Course4 Title=Neuroscience|Year2Sem2 Course4 Grade= B+|Year2Sem2 Course5 Code= BIO450|Year2Sem2 Course5 Title=Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology|Year2Sem2 Course5 Grade= B- |Year2Sem3 Course1 Code= MED301|Year2Sem3 Course1 Title=Surgery, Major Humanoid Species|Year2Sem3 Course1 Grade= B|Year2Sem3 Course2 Code=MED302|Year2Sem3 Course2 Title=Surgery, Non-Humanoid Species|Year2Sem3 Course2 Grade=B|Year2Sem3 Course3 Code=BIO460|Year2Sem3 Course3 Title=Endocrinology|Year2Sem3 Course3 Grade=B|Year2Sem3 Course4 Code=BIO470|Year2Sem3 Course4 Title=Reproductive Biology|Year2Sem3 Course4 Grade=A|Year2Sem3 Course5 Code= BIO480|Year2Sem3 Course5 Title=Hematology|Year2Sem3 Course5 Grade= B
|Year3Sem1 Course1 Code=MED600|Year3Sem1 Course1 Title=Internal Medicine|Year3Sem1 Course1 Grade=B|Year3Sem1 Course2 Code=MED610|Year3Sem1 Course2 Title=General Practice|Year3Sem1 Course2 Grade=|Year3Sem1 Course3 Code=|Year3Sem1 Course3 Title=|Year3Sem1 Course3 Grade=|Year3Sem1 Course4 Code=|Year3Sem1 Course4 Title=|Year3Sem1 Course4 Grade=B
|Year3Sem2 Course1 Code=MED620|Year3Sem2 Course1 Title=General Surgery|Year3Sem2 Course1 Grade=B|Year3Sem2 Course2 Code=MED630|Year3Sem2 Course2 Title=Obstetrics/Gynecology|Year3Sem2 Course2 Grade=|Year3Sem2 Course3 Code=|Year3Sem2 Course3 Title=|Year3Sem2 Course3 Grade=|Year3Sem2 Course4 Code=|Year3Sem2 Course4 Title=|Year3Sem2 Course4 Grade=A
|Year3Sem3 Course1 Code=MED640|Year3Sem3 Course1 Title=Pediatrics|Year3Sem3 Course1 Grade=A|Year3Sem3 Course2 Code=MED650|Year3Sem3 Course2 Title=Psychiatry & Mental Health|Year3Sem3 Course2 Grade=|Year3Sem3 Course3 Code=|Year3Sem3 Course3 Title=|Year3Sem3 Course3 Grade=|Year3Sem3 Course4 Code=|Year3Sem3 Course4 Title=|Year3Sem3 Course4 Grade=A
|Year4Sem1 Course1 Code=MED660|Year4Sem1 Course1 Title=Medical Specialties|Year4Sem1 Course1 Grade=A|Year4Sem1 Course2 Code=MED670|Year4Sem1 Course2 Title=Surgical Specialties|Year4Sem1 Course2 Grade=|Year4Sem1 Course3 Code=|Year4Sem1 Course3 Title=|Year4Sem1 Course3 Grade=|Year4Sem1 Course4 Code=|Year4Sem1 Course4 Title=|Year4Sem1 Course4 Grade=B-
|Year4Sem2 Course1 Code=MED680|Year4Sem2 Course1 Title=Critical Care|Year4Sem2 Course1 Grade=B|Year4Sem2 Course2 Code=MED690|Year4Sem2 Course2 Title=Aerospace Medicine|Year4Sem2 Course2 Grade=|Year4Sem2 Course3 Code=|Year4Sem2 Course3 Title=|Year4Sem2 Course3 Grade=|Year4Sem2 Course4 Code=|Year4Sem2 Course4 Title=|Year4Sem2 Course4 Grade=B
|Year4Sem3 Course1 Code=MED701|Year4Sem3 Course1 Title=Clinical Elective 1|Year4Sem3 Course1 Grade=A|Year4Sem3 Course2 Code=MED702|Year4Sem3 Course2 Title=Clinical Elective 2|Year4Sem3 Course2 Grade=|Year4Sem3 Course3 Code=|Year4Sem3 Course3 Title=|Year4Sem3 Course3 Grade=|Year4Sem3 Course4 Code=|Year4Sem3 Course4 Title=|Year4Sem3 Course4 Grade=A
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