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The Houses: The Play According to Karawati Followers
== The Houses: The Play According to Karawati Followers ==
*'''[[First House of Betazed]]:''' ''House of Honesty and Truth''
*'''[[Second House of Betazed]]:''' ''House of Science and Mysticism''
*'''[[Third House of Betazed]]:''' ''House of Health''
===The House's Stories===
There has have been many tales of how the houses were originally divided. Some say that as part of the houses ' nobility, it had caused prior conflict with the lesser of Betazoid blood, kind of like a Lord and serf relationship amongst the planet's population.
However, it is the belief of the Goddess' people that everyone is born into equality. The division of the houses come from a much distinct source: These are supposed the children of Rixx and the qualities in which each son or daughter possessed. In these houses, they took in mates and multiplied, taking in the blood of others and mingling them from the direct essence of the Goddess herself. Therefore, in each of the houses lays a piece of the Goddess.

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