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|NAME = Genkos Adea
|SHIP = Starbase 118{{USS|RANK = Ensign|PIPSTYLE = DefaultGorkon}}|POST = Chief Medical Officer
|COLOR = Green
|SPECIES = Betazoid
|BIRTHYEAR = 23682369
|IMAGE = Genkos_SimGenkos_Sim.jpgpng
|AUTHOR = G239502GS0
{{Ribbons Rack
|Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon|1
|Orion Syndicate Service Medal|1
|Prisoner of War Ribbon|1
|Purple Heart|1
|Explorer's Ribbon|1
|Silver Lifesaving Ribbon|1
[[Image:Genk1_1.gif|center]]Genkos with his sword cane[[Image:PagingDrSim.png|225px|center]]A label made by [[Jo Marshall]] after the Sikuna mission[[Image:Kos.png|225px|center]]A badge from the Skarbek mission[[Image:QOTM.png|225px|center]]Genkos' badge for winning the December 2395 Quote of the Month competition{{Badge Rack|LABEL=Badges|Publicity Team|1|Halloween Avatar Contest Winner|1}}{{Achievements Rack|SHIP=Gorkon|It's all in the details|A face for the name|Data hound|Detail oriented|News Hound|Two heads are better than one|Helping hand |I heard that|These things happen|It's part of the job|Press F to Honor|Look who's talking}}}}
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