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Groznin Smith

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{{LCARS-NavbarSidebar|Color NAME = GoldGroznin Smith|SHIP = USS Gorkon|Rank RANK = Lieutenant Junior Grade|Style PIPSTYLE = DS9D"9|FirstName = Groznin|LastName = Smith|Image = Groznin.png|Post POST = Security/Tactical|Ship COLOR = GorkonGold|Station SPECIES = NoHuman/Denobulan|UserNameGENDER =Groznin SmithMale|Serial = ZT-070-130|BirthMonth BIRTHMONTH =07|BirthDate BIRTHDATE = 13|BirthYear BIRTHYEAR = 2372|BirthPlace BIRTHPLACE = London, Earth|Species IMAGE = Human/DenobulanGroznin.png|250px|center|Gender AUTHOR = MaleA239501GS0|Extra EXTRA = [[Image:GrozShoot.gif|100px|center]]<hr>{{Ribbons Rack|LABEL=Service Ribbons
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*'''Current PNPC's'''
**[[Jang, Son of Upex]]
<I> You may be looking for an alternate version of Groznin they are listed here: </I>
* <I> [[Groznin Smith/Skarbek]] - Maquis Groznin </I>
* <I> [[Groznin Smith/Undercover]] - Undercover </I>
* <b> Full Name: </b> Groznin Johnathon Torax Smith *<b> Name in Denobulan:</b> {{Denobulan|grosnin johnathon torach smith}}*<b>Age: 23</b> 24*<b>Species: </b> 3/4 human Human 1/4 denoublanDenobulan*<b>Gender: </b> Male*<b>Hair colour: </b> Brown *<b>Eye colour: </b> Blue*<b>Height: </b> 5ft 11in
<b> Known Languages:</b>
* <b> Federation Standard </b> (Fluent) * <b> English </b> (Fluent)* <b> Denobulan </b> (Fluent)* <b> Klingon </b> (Fluent)* <b> Ferengi </b> (Basics)* <b> Andorian </b> (Basics)
*[[Federation]] - [[Starfleet]]
*[[House of Upex]]
{{Section|Chronological History|Gold}}
<b>Before joining Starfleet</b>
Groznin Smith is Denobulan Human hybrid currently serving as a Security/Tactical officer aboard the USS Gorkon. It being the second ship he has served on after the USS Blackwell. He was born in London on Earth in 2372, as his parents were stationed there during the latter stages of the Dominion War, but was quickly moved around to the USS Kent due to his parents Starfleet career as the war came to a close.
As a young child Groznin lived aboard the USS Kent with his parents, it was a happy time and his young childhood was pleasant being known by lots of the crew as the son of the officers, and although he doesn’t remember much of this from what he does remember he looks back on fondly.
During his pre teen years his parents were transferred to be stationed on Deep Space 9, and it was here Groznin spent his adolescence. It was comfortable and as a teenager was given freedom to move about the station freely, in the public spaces. It was during his time on DS9 he met the Klingon Upex and his wife through their child Jang who Groznin was mentoring as apart of a programme with the stations school system. As he mentored Jang he also grew to knew the family and become close friends with them to the point he was asked to enter a blood oath by Upex to protect Jang If anything was to happen to himself and his wife. Honoured Groznin accepted and sadly he had to fulfil his blood oath and take Jang in at the age of 18 when the house of Morik killed Upex and his wife when they were on a diplomatic mission for the Federation.
The Klingon High Council wasn’t too pleased with Groznin adopting Jang and taking a caretaker role of the House of Upex but due to his honour in going through with the blood oath they allowed him to go forward with it so long as he didn’t make any important decisions for the house without consulting the empire first.
His parents were not a fan of this due to a distrust of Klingons they had gained during the Klingon-Federation war of 2372-2373 in which they had lost many friends while they were on Earth having just had Groznin. They detested the idea so much they disowned Groznin, they didn’t tell him but they had also been reassigned and left that same night for the USS Wall Street. Leaving Groznin with Jang and no one else to turn too.
After some talking Groznin asked his great grandparents on Earth if they could house Jang while he was at the academy, realising what it meant, and that Groznin was intent on fulfilling the oath he had made they accepted and treated Jang as their own grandson. Jang grew close to Drok & Decri during this time, as well as with Groznin when he visited after classes.
<b> At Starfleet Academy </b>
At the academy Groznin took a variety of courses most of which would help him with his primary focus of security and as a secondary tactical but also courses that would help him in his every day life while in Starfleet.
One of the additional courses he decided to take was one in Astrophysics. He started out by attending the classes on his own merit not officially on the course, but was told by the professor running the course to keep on attending the classes he’d have to enrol in the course which he did. When he eventually graduated the two courses (General & Advanced) his professor was so happy at his graduation ceremony she gave him her personal congratulations for doing so well on her courses after originally just sitting in on them.
He took multiple language course including Klingon right the way though to the most advanced level. He decided to take the Klingon courses to help with Jang through the years. If he was to be raising a Klingon taking a Klingon language course to help in situations that may arise.
He bunked with Ferier Lanta (was Kian) for all four years of his academy life and became very close with the Trill, so much so Jang called him “Uncle Ferier”.
One of his favourite past times while at the academy was watching sports of varying varieties.
{{Section|Ships served on|Gold}}
[[USS Blackwell]] - Groznin’s first posting was to the Olympic class USS Blackwell under the command of Commander Theo Whittaker. It was a very rocky start for him, having major panic attack and breakdowns which eventually lead to him being transferred off the ship after applying for a transfer to a new vessel. He was reassigned to the USS Gorkon within a few weeks.
[[USS Gorkon]] - After being reassigned Groznin felt much more comfortable. It was probably just nerves of being an Ensign but it felt the right thing to do and it paid off. Since joining the Gorkon he’s received a promotion and made many friends, even finding who he believes to be the love of his life. While he’s made mistakes, he’s hoping he can rectify them and make amends with those he’s hurt.
[[File:GrozninFamilyTree.jpeg|500px|right|thumb|Groznin’s Family Tree.]]
====Immediate Family====
* '''Siblings''':
**'''Sister''': Veelax Smith
[[File:GrozninFamilyTree.jpeg|500px|right|thumb|Groznin’s Family Tree.]]
====Extended Family====
** '''Maternal Great-Grandmother''': Decri (known as Grams) (Denobulan)
** '''Maternal Great-Grandfather''': Drok (known as Gramps) (Denobulan)
* <b> Gimli </b> - After finding him down an alleyway, hiding in a box on the planet Deluvia IV while on a walk with Nova. Groznin took Gimli in and looked after him, giving him food and a place to stay. [[File:Gimli.jpeg|200px|right|thumb|An Image of Gimli]] Gimli is still currently only a kitten so needs lots of attention and looking after. He’s playful and curious about the world around him, often finding himself curling up next to people he’s only just met.
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* <b> Old Earth pop culture </b> - Groznin’s love for old earth pop culture came from when his parents were stationed aboard DS9. He took the interest while using a holoprogramme of an old earth Television Series in one of the Holodecks on board the station. Since then he has looked further into Old Earth and his love for it grows continually as he discovers more Books, and Media from the 20th & 21st Century.
{{Section|Chronological History|Gold}}*<b>Before joining StarfleetSport </b> Born in London, England too StarFleet officers Raymond & Frexal Smith, Groznin a 3/4 human 1/4 denoublan never really fit in. He grew up moving from planet to planet as his parents got re assigned but spent most of his adolescence on DS9. - While on DS9 he grew to know A Klingon Family well especially Upex son of T’Kula. He gained Upex’s trust and entered a blood oath to protect Upex’s son if anything was ever to happen to him and not very vocal about his wife. Sadly this became a reality, The rival Klingon House Of Morik killed Upex and his wife Apoll while they were travelling back to DS9 after a diplomatic mission passion for the federation.  Groznin’s parents didn’t like the fact that he had agreed to take Jang insport, harbouring a deep-seated distrust and dislike of Klingons, after they lost close friends during the Klingon-Federation War of 2372-2373. Seeing their son's embrace of Klingon culture through the Blood Oath as a betrayal of their friends' sacrifice and memories, they disowned him. Despite thisall kinds, Groznin held true, knowing that his friend Upex was respectable and honourable, such as many aboard DS9 thought of General Martok. Groznin fulfilled his blood oath by adopting Jang, they moved back to earth, and lived with Groznins Denobulan great-grandparents. They realised what this meant to Groznin and what has a blood oath meant, they wanted to help Groznin fulfil this oath he had took part indeep love for it. Jang was enrolled in the Klingon school of honour on earth so he could still learn the ways of a Klingon as his parents would have wanted so It mostly grew when he’s old enough if he wishes he can join the KDF or StarFleet such as his adoptive father.  <b>At Starfleet Academy</b> During his time was in the Academy Groznin mainly focused on his security courses, but during his down time attended some of his taking day trips with friends Astronomy lectures as he was very much interested in Astronomy, after the first few lectures, the admiral in charge of the course went their time off to Groznin and told him that he had potential but wouldn’t be able to continue going to her classes unless he formally enrolled in the Astronomy course. Wanting to continue going the various classes, he enrolled in the course and enjoyed attending it, to his surprise he finished the course earning himself a Major in Astronomy. He didn’t think he’d come out watch all kinds of the course with anything let alone a major so he was very pleased. The admiral who told him to join the course was even prouder Groznkn congratulating him herself personally. <b>First assignments</b> Groznin was originally posted to the Andaris Task Force to serve sports being played on Earth from the USS Blackwell. He made a few friends on board, nu didn't feel that he was serving on far corners of the right shipquadrant. he hadn't properly settled in and didn't fell comfortable where he was so decided to put in a transfer request. After a week or so his request was accepted and he was re assigned to the USS Gorkon. he felt bad for ferrying Jang His favourite of them all over the Galxay but felt it would be beneficial for him as well.  <b>Joining the [[USS Gorkon]]</b> As soon a Groznin stepped aboard the Gorkon he knew he’d like it, it was much more spacious than the Blackwell and after checking the crew roster was pleased to find his friend from the academy [[Ferier Lanta]] was a member Earth sport of the crew. When he eventually found him during shore leave aboard the Cloud skipper they instantly were talking about the academy association football and how they were friends grew to other members of the Gorkon. That same day they went to the jumping platform on the cloud skipper (where shore leave was taking place) and took part in like a jump, it was an exhilarating expirence that Groznin wanted to take part Bolian team situated in again some day. Jang also settled in well and plans to join the ships school, Groznin was welcomed as a crew member straight away which gave him a sense surrounding area of belonging, this made him feel good about his career choicethe academyAfter Inside his first mission with bedside table is the USS Gorkon, Groznin was promoted to replica shirt he bought when visiting the rank of Lieutenant Junior Gradeteam one day<b> Events following </b> In the time since joining the Gorkon, Groznin has started a relationship with a fellow shipmate [[Nova O'Rien]] and they’ve grown very close, even staying round each other’s quarters and calling each other their partner. Groznin has also started When he gets to re forge his relationship with his parents, who contacted him when at the New Horizons conference, they shared watch a lunch and Groznin even got to meet his younger sister Velax. Jang, has departed game he will always wear the Gorkon to spend some time shirt with his Great Great Grandparents on Earth, to discover who’s he is, and what it means to be Klingonpride.
{{Section|Mission History|Gold}}
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* <b> Promotion to Lieutenant JG </b> - Groznin was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade after a mission to the planet Romulan Republic world of Sikuna in which a hidden Valor class Warbird was discovered. The Promotion came as a shock too him as he’d only recently been posted too the Gorkon shortly before the promotion.
{{Section|Service History|Gold}}
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |239508.11 - Present
{{Section|Awards & Service Ribbons|Gold}}
{{Awards Header}}
{{Citation|Xalor Clan Xifilis Award|239506.29|{{USS|Gorkon}}|"One of Discord's regulars, Groznin Smith is filled with enthusiasm and friendliness, clearly taking immense joy in being a part of our community. What's remarkable is that he maintains that spirit of fun and good humour despite the numerous trips he has to make for medical appointments, most recently involving significant surgery to his leg. He's open and candid about his disability -- sharing the details and a few pictures of his medical journey -- and really quite humbling in the way he honestly discusses the difficulties he's experienced. For these reasons, like his nominators I believe he is more than deserving of the Xalor Clan Xifilis Award, and I'm proud to present it to him."}}
{{Citation|Genesis Award|239606.24|{{USS|Gorkon}}|”Over the course of his time with SB118, Zech has developed from a simmer that required advanced help and feedback in how to compose his sims and write within the group setting, to someone who has shown incredible growth to contribute solid ideas to the plot, explore Groznin as a character as well as his dynamic with others, and improved his simming skills with the motivation and dedication of someone who wants to strengthen themselves. His abilities have increased tenfold with the continued devotion and practice Groznin has put in. The effort that he's expended to make himself a better, more creative, and more efficient writer cannot be understated, and every sim from him has something special in it that makes it truly his.”}}
{{Citation|1-year Member|239606.28|{{USS|Gorkon}}|”Groznin Smith, graduated from training on January 30th, 2018”}}
{{Citation|Locutus Award|239606.28|{{USS|Gorkon}}|”During my tenure as the Publicity Facilitator I have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic individuals in spreading the word about our community. For the past year there has been one person whose passion for this community shines in everything they do. Few others approach recruitment with such gusto as Groznin Smith. Groznin has shared details of our group far and wide, and I know more than a few members that he has directly recruited from some far flung corner of the internet. That alone is a fantastic achievement - but Groznin does not stop there! He is also a very active member of Discord - often being one of the first to greet new members with a warm friendly welcome. Thank you for everything you do, and congratulations Zech!”}}
{{Service Ribbons Header}}
{{Citation|Lifesaving Ribbon|239601.27|USS Gorkon|For saving the life of the Trill symbiont Kian.}}

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