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Carmen Tis

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|Family Matters
* '''Distinguishing features:''' Feint tattooing head to toe, rather like large freckles. Cold hands. Silver hairstreak at her nape.
* '''Abilities:''' Weak/not fully developed as in purebreds, so there is no strong telepathy, but more of an immune system response of a tattoo "itch/tingling" with no large amount of detailing. (Like when human's have a gut feeling). She has to be fairly close to get a tiny amount of detailing, but when it comes to voices, if it's a singled out voice, she can depict elements of good/bad/truth/lie.
* '''Traits''': **Too honest for her own good.**Clumsiness
*'''Taste in Clothing (when off duty)''': Loves to be in overly flowing dresses, as feminine as she can, preferably in bare feet otherwise in high heels. Though tends to end up in more figure hugging garments, showing her feminine features, more often than not, with supple, well cushioned footwear.
* '''Dislikes''':
**Ferengi, due to her past. (often calls herself one after being clumsy. Though she'd still help one if in medical trouble.)
**Any animals that go past her knees in size.
**Overly apologetic.
**Smiles too much at times.
**Too honest for her own good.
* '''Places likely to be when not on shift''':
** Her quarters on deck 4
** Holosuite
===<font color=Black>Family</font>===
{| style="width:100%" cellpadding="1"
! colspan="4" |
! style="background:Teal; width:150px;" |<font color=#000000>'''Name'''</font>
! style="background:Teal; width:100px;" |<font color=#000000>'''Relationship'''</font>
! style="background:Teal; width:350px;" |<font color=#000000>'''Description'''</font>
![[File:FatherTis.png|175px]]<br>Renann Tis
| Father <br>
|Carmen Tis’ Father
![[File:Jadara Tis.jpeg|100px]]<br>Jadara Tis
| Mother <br>
|Carmen Tis’ Mother
* '''Parents:''' Trill Mother, Betazoid Father - Jadara & Renann Tis.
* '''Siblings:''' N/A
{{Heading|SIM Archive|Teal}}
* [ That was some bump!] - (239602.20 Carmen wakes up from unconsciousness, to find herself laying on the ceiling of the ship, surrounded by debris. )
* [ Well tried Lieutenant, well tried.] - (239602.21 Commander Marshal Marshall and Genkos SimAdea, attempt to free Carmen, and distract her away from her pains.)
* [!searchin/sb118-gorkon/first$20impressions%7Csort:date/sb118-gorkon/v7ughYKN3p8/wOh7vLPZAwAJ First Impressions] The first time Carmen Tis gives an official medical check-up, in her new position aboard the USS Gorkon.
* [!msg/sb118-gorkon/0jL3x5veiOY/HcagrJQEBgAJ What's wrong with the decor?] - Carmen's first Counselling session aboard the USS Gorkon.

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