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Planetary Sciences Department
** A continuation of PSD220, with an introduction to large-scale plate tectonics processes and observations including motions on a sphere, polar-wander paths, plate-boundary seismicity, focal mechanisms, gravity, magnetics, and heat flow. Also includes observations and theories of plate deformation and continental dynamics. Case studies will be made on instructor selected Federation worlds.
* '''PSD455: Principles of Glaciology'''
** Covers snow deposition and metamorphism, avalanches, heat and mass balance at snow and ice surfaces, glacier flow, ice sheets, sea ice, permafrost, methods of paleoclimate reconstruction. Students are required to either have taken, or be concurrently enrolled in, PHYS201.
* '''PSD480: Great Geological Issues'''
** History and development of geological and paleontological theories and controversies; philosophy and methodology that have driven scientific inquiry in the planetary sciences.

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