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Planetary Sciences Department
** Topics discussed will include deformation of soil, sediment, and rock, erosional and depositional processes and landforms, seismicity and plate-tectonics, and structural, geomorphic, and climatic interactions in major tectonic regimes
* '''PSD310: Planetary Geology'''
** Continuation of PSD222. In addition, there will be a survey of significant geological features across the Federation, with an entailed look at the physical processes that produced them. Students will also work in teams for a class project, designing a program for a Class III probe to a hypothetical planet.
* '''PSD425: Physical Processes of non-M-Class Planets'''
** A continuation of topics discussed in PSD225, with applications of those subjects on non-M-Class planets. In addition, crystallography, crystal chemistry, and characteristics of rock-forming and ore minerals will be discussed. In addition to PSD225, students are required to either have taken, or be concurrently enrolled in, CHEM422

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