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* '''PSD160: Introduction to Volcanology'''
** Survey of major volcanoes and volcanic eruptions throughout the Federation. Examines the mechanics of volcanoes and how they affect their respective environments. Course will include review of both historic and current methods of predicting volcanic eruptions.
* '''PSD201: Interdisciplinary Earth Sciences Field Seminar'''
** A continuation of PSD101, with lectures and demonstrations in field settings.
* '''PSD210: Introduction to Climate Systems'''
** A survey of the climate systems of Earth, Vulcan, Andor and Tellar Prime. Course will include a study of each of the aforementioned planets' dynamic environment, global energy balance, interplay of chemical, physical, and biological processes shaping their respective surface and climate. Emphasis on quantitative methods for measuring, evaluating, and understanding contemporary changes relative to the last several thousand years.
* '''PSD220: Introduction to Seismology'''
** A study of planetary quakes, their cause and relationship to plate tectonics, with an emphasis on Terran planetary quakes. Study will include historic earthquakes of Earth and their effect on regional civilizations.

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