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Carmen Tis

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<h3>{{LCARS-bar-left|Mission history|175|COLOR=teal}}</h3>
{{Heading| 2396 [[USS Njörðr]]|Teal}}
Carmen had not yet stepped aboard the [[USS Gorkon]], instead was greeted by Lieutenant Commander [[Lieutenant Commander Jocelyn Marshall]], to be escorted to New Horizons conference, by [[USS Njörðr]] and her crew.After Commander Marshall had escorted Carmen Tis to the sickbay, to meet her [[Chief Medical Officer [[Genkos Adea]]. No sooner had she been introduced, than Carmen could recall an almighty jolt, before blacking out.
Waking, to realise she was pinned down by her right leg and a large burning sensation across her shoulder blades.
Commander Marshall wasn't far away and came with the help of Doctor Adea, to help Carmen up, finding out she had possibly contracted a [[Rushton infection's Disease]], which Carmen had no recollection of ever hearing of before.The ship was belly up. Slowly they made their way through the ship, avoiding obstacles and the deceased, through corridors and jeffries Jeffries tubes, heading to a safety point, indicated on screens sent by their Captain, Rear Admiral [[Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds]].
Along the way, Carmen had lost her hearing, possibly due to a blow on the head from the ship flip, and didn't see things that her other team mates were. Ie dogs and gas and tricorder readings.
Along the thriotrio's travels, they acquired a new team member, science officer [[Science Officer Joan Basilone]], who had a few minor burns and scratches, plus a puppy, rescued from a blaze by Commander Marshall.
They headed into a local laboratory and were able to scavenge some supplies, as well as getting a Decontamination Unit working, with the help of Ensign Basilone and all stepped in one-by-one, before large parasites rained down from the ceiling, prepared to attack.
The team ran to the corridors, Basilone threw a homemade gas-bomb at the parasitic gas that was quickly headed toward them, at which point the onboard computers had decided to alert them that the ship was about to right itself.

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