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USS Eagle Intel Lab Crypto

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[[Image:Baylens Office.jpg|thumb|525px|right|USS Eagle Crypto Intel Officers Ready Room and Study]]
Lt. Commander [[Baylen Anders]] Office is behind the Crypto Lab, it also has the same protection that Crypto has. There are two doors, one into the lab and one into the corridor. Baylen has his office decorated with early Earth Nautical Sailing Tools, and books on the subject. His desk has a desktop viewer on it, a viewer in the wall, along with an never ending stack of PADDs on his desk.
There is a plant on a table in the Office that was a gift from his Grandmother, he has had it now for nine years. It has a very strong smell of something like Lavender and Eucalyptus so the office tends to retain that smell. Mixed with smell of fresh french pressed coffee that Baylen seem to keep going all day.

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