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USS Eagle Intel Lab Crypto

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Crypto can also be used as a CIC - Combat Information Center in a battle, but due to the nature of information that is in the Lab, it is restricted to Command Level Officers and those that have been granted access. But all the computer displays can be blacked out with one command and the data can be destroyed with two commands. If the ship is at Red Alert the Lab is automatically sealed off, if the ship is boarded then a level one force field is erected around the lab, if the force field is destroyed by the invader, the computers will self destruct.
There are two doors in Crypto, one leads to the corridor behind the Bridge, the other leads in the Intel Officers Private Ready Room. The is the workstation of the Chief Intel Officer that is a little more private in the lab, behind that workstation is the door to the Chief Intel Officers Ready Room. [[Image:Baylens Office.jpg|thumb|525px|leftright|USS Eagle Crypto Intel Officers Ready Room and Study]]  
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